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What Do I Need to Document for Workers’ Compensation?

What Do I Need to Document for Workers Compensation 1

There is the possibility that your employer could deny your claim for workers’ compensation benefits in Florida even if it is legitimate. The only way you can obtain these benefits is if you are filing for an injury or illness suffered on the job or due to your scope of employment. Any injury or illness you suffer off the job or away from work is not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. If your claim is denied, or if you simply want to make sure you have enough evidence for your initial claim, you need to document quite a bit of information. The more you document, the less likely it is that a claim will be denied.

The Documents You Need for a Claim

A workers’ compensation case is much different than a personal injury claim. The biggest difference is that you are not required to prove fault on the part of your employer in order to be awarded workers’ compensation benefits. The only thing you need to prove is that you suffered an injury or illness and that it occurred while you were performing the duties related to your job. Below you will find some of the documents you need to file a workers’ compensation claim.

The Accident Report

Every accident that happens on the job should be documented immediately and then reported to a supervisor. You should request copies of every document related to the accident that has been created. This includes any report you write and any report written by a supervisor or someone from human resources who was tasked with investigating the accident.

Medical Bills

Make sure you save every single medical bill incurred since the date of the accident that left you injured. This includes exams, tests, surgeries and any other visit to the doctor. Being able to show your employer every medical bill incurred since the accident will help aid your quest for compensation. You are entitled to receive every penny spent on your medical care and treatment from a workplace injury.

Medical Records

Every single medical record you can gather will help play a role in proving that you were injured or sickened on the job. Medical records you can provide your attorney include test results, screening results, records of visiting your family physician, records of treatment, surgeries and any other medical documentation about your injury.

Records of Employment

Records of employment help to show that you actually worked for the employer which you claim to have been injured for while on the job. The best documents for this part of the claims process are your pay stubs, especially those from right before the accident. Aside from showing employment, the pay stubs will be able to show how much you were compensated, which will help when determining how much you ask for in any lawsuit.

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