Understanding the History of Workers’ Compensation In Florida

Rights for workers has been a long journey wrought with trials and tribulations. The legal safety and security measures that modern employees have originated in the 1800s. In the past, injuries that occurred at work were considered the worker’s responsibility. After a series of protests and new laws, workers’ injury claims are now guaranteed both fair and prompt benefits. Read More

Termination, Workers’ Compensation Benefits, and Your Future

If you are injured while on the job, you may wonder what’s next? At this point, you can file a workers’ comp claim. However, what happens if you are fired? Can you still collect the workers’ comp benefits after you are fired? Do you know how Florida law and workers’ comp law intersect? Do you have the legal right to hold your former employer liable for firing you if you are still collecting workers’ comp benefits? Read More

Important Things to Know About Florida Workers’ Compensation Rules

The rules related to workers’ compensation in Florida are somewhat different than in other states. Each state has its own rules and a unique approach to these cases. Our team of workers’ compensation attorneys in the state can help you understand the differences when you are thinking about making a claim. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about these rules. Read More

The Top Reasons Your Workers’ Compensation Case May be Denied

The purpose of workers’ compensation insurance is to provide injured or sick employees with funds to cover basic and injury-related expenses while they are unable to work. Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation system is complex, and while many cases can be handled without any issues, there are some valid claims that end up being denied. There are several reasons this can happen. Getting to know some of the most common reasons your workers’ compensation claim may be denied can be helpful. Read More

What Options Do You Have to Recover Damages After a Hit-and-Run Accident?

Each year, more than 682,000 hit-and-run accidents occur across the country – with Florida getting its fair share. If you are in this situation, you may wonder what course of action you have – after all, the at fault driver fled. In this situation, the best thing you can do is to reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney in Florida. You can also use the information found here to learn more. Read More

Workers Compensation: All You Wanted to Know About Carpal Tunnel Injuries

You spend more than 8-10 hours at work daily. Is it any wonder that you are more likely to injure yourself at work rather than anywhere else? The US Department of Labor has the statistics and they are quite surprising. According to the latest numbers, more than 2.8 million injuries take place at the workplace. Yes, these injuries are nonfatal, but they are more than likely to result in chronic pain and other conditions. In the long run, workers are likely to miss work, and this decreases productivity and leads to loss of compensation for the worker. As employees, we don’t really think that the workplace can cause injuries. Most employers also do their best to provide ergonomically designed workplaces that are safe. However, despite all efforts, injuries do happen, and they can be quite painful. Read More

The Safety Benefits Offered by Workplace Floor Markings

Your employer should have the priority of keeping you and other workers safe. One way this is done is by installing the proper floor markings in the Florida business.

Floor tape is very easy to use and it’s an affordable way to keep your workers safe. It can be used to mark floors, as well as work equipment, pipes, and walls. The point of this tape isn’t just to create a workplace that is more efficient, though. It’s also necessary for worker safety. Read More

Is it Possible to Collect Workers’ Compensation When You Are Fired?

What would happen if you were injured on the job? If this happened, you would file a workers’ compensation claim, right? While this seems easy, what if your worst fear is realized and you are fired? You may wonder, will you be able to collect workers’ compensation after you are fired? Keep reading to learn what the law says about this in the state of Florida. Read More

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