Workers’ Compensation Medical Benefits in Florida

Workers’ compensation insurance cover was established following an increased number of personal injury lawsuits against employers for on-the-job injuries to their workers. Employers in Florida agree to offer medical benefits and a specific amount of wage replacement (indemnity) benefits to the workers who get injured while on their official duties. The moment you get workers’ compensation benefits you forfeit the right to sue your employer. Read More

Guidelines for Fair Workers’ Comp in Florida

No matter where you work, the chances of getting hurt while on the job are often high. You are exposed to conditions that can result in slip and fall accidents, heavy equipment injuries, toxic exposure, and chemical burns, to mention but a few. Luckily, Florida is among the states that are setting the bar high when it comes to protecting workers’ rights. What that means for employees suffering workplace injuries is that they are entitled to get workers’ comp benefits, regardless of who is negligent or at-fault. Given the breadth of worker’s comp laws in Florida, collecting what you are owed when injured may not always be easy as your employer and their insurance carrier may be hesitant to pay injury claims, especially when you are not in a position to continue working. But you do not have to feel frustrated if you sustained injuries in the scope and course of your job. The guidelines discussed below can help you get fair workers’ compensation benefits regardless of where you are in Florida. Read More

Construction Accidents and Different Options for Recovery in Florida

Imagine resting in your house, and then a loud crashing construction crane comes crashing through your roof. This happened in September 2019 in North Miami Beach. A crane that was being used nearby during seawall repairs slid off a barge and crashed into the roof of a nearby condominium. Well, crane accidents and construction site accidents have happened in the past. It is important to learn more about these accidents and related legal aspects. Read More

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