Attorney Forsythe

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Mr. Forsythe grew up with a strong moral compass and a
sense of justice, which still guides his professional fortitude. He utilizes that sense of duty and
diligence in helping clients receive the medical and income benefits they deserve through
workers’ compensation claims.

Mr. Forsythe is licensed to practice law in Florida and is a member of various bars and
organizations, including:

  • The Florida Bar
  • Federal Bar Association

As an aggressive litigator, Mr. Forsythe is not afraid to fiercely represent those who sustain
injuries because of other people’s negligent actions. He has extensive expertise in various civil litigation areas, including catastrophic workplace accidents, auto accidents, and social security disability, bringing a unique perspective to the team at Scott J. Sternberg & Associates, PA.

Having practiced law for the past 12 years, Mr. Forsythe thoroughly understands the ins and outs
of workers’ compensation law in Florida. This has seen him represent employers and carriers in
some of the largest cooperations, such as Walmart. Besides providing lectures on mediation and
alternative dispute resolution in the field of workers’ compensation, attorney Mr. Forsythe has
also had a privilege to serve both as a board member and a chairman in various organizations.
These include the Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund, an organization that raises scholarship funds
for the children of workers killed or grievously injured while on the job.

When he’s not at the office or in court, Mr. Forsythe spends his spare time golfing with his
younger brother and father. He also enjoys other outdoor activities with his beautiful wife Lily, and their lovely daughter Mia.

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