Florida Workers’ Compensation Claims Process

Were you injured at work?

Florida Workers Compensation ClaimsWorkers’ Compensation in Florida aims to provide benefits and compensation to people injured in their workplace.

With a few exceptions, most employees in Florida are covered by Workers’ Compensation policies provided by their employers. If you are injured, it is important to know which steps to take, which to avoid, and what you can expect.

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Filing your Workers’ Compensation claim

Our attorneys have significant, successful experience with Florida Workers’ Compensation claims. Though you do not need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to file an application, legal counsel can provide valuable assistance during the claims process.

Consider these tips before filing your Workers’ Compensation claim:

  • Report the accident to your employer or supervisor as soon as possible. It is critical to report your injury within 30 days, or you may risk a denied claim. Be sure to report an injury to your employer even if you did not miss any work.
  • Visit a physician or medical group designated by your employer or their insurance company. If you see your own doctor, you may not be compensated for those medical services.
  • Your employer is required to contact their Workers’ Compensation insurer within seven days of your report. You should then receive documentation explaining your rights and responsibilities and information about the claims process.
  • Though the intent of Workers’ Compensation is to provide immediate medical care and compensation to injured workers, denied claims are common. A primary reason to involve legal counsel prior to filing a Florida Workers comp claim is to ensure you are filing for benefits correctly the first time. The Workers’ Compensation appeals process is often successful, but can involve a lengthy delay.
  • Some possible Workers’ Compensation benefits include medical care, wage replacement, and temporary disability.

Throughout the stages of the Florida Workers’ Compensation claims process, care is required to report the injury accurately, file a claim, and pursue benefits if your claim is denied.

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