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Tampa Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Tampa Worker Compensation Lawyer Serving Clients Throughout Florida

Tampa work injury lawyers

Any job, including those in warehouses, offices, and restaurants, might result in a workplace injury. If you’ve been hurt at work, you could have to deal with high medical costs, lost wages, and even vocational rehabilitation to pick up new skills. The capacity of a worker to earn a living might also be impacted by recovery time and medical costs.

Applying for workers’ compensation if you were hurt at work will help you get your financial situation under control. Even though the filing procedure appears simple enough, you should speak with a Tampa worker compensation lawyer about your case to make sure you are getting the most compensation possible.

No matter who was at blame for the event that led to your injuries—you, your employer, or a third party—you are entitled to certain benefits under the no-fault insurance program known as workers’ compensation. Please call Sternberg | Forsythe, P.A. in Tampa at 561-220-4958 to schedule a free consultation if you have been hurt at work. We service the Tampa region of Florida and beyond with two offices. If you are unable to come to us, we would gladly travel to you.

Our major concerns are your physical and financial well-being. Consulting one of our knowledgeable attorneys as soon as possible after your work-related sickness or accident will significantly increase your chances of getting the compensation you require and deserve.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation in Florida

Workers’ compensation refers to the series of regulations that were created to guarantee that Florida workers can get paid if they were hurt at work. In workers’ compensation claims, culpability is not taken into account; if you were injured on company property, you are still entitled to compensation, regardless of fault. As such, Florida is considered a “no-fault” state.

There is a risk of injury in every job, even the jobs that seem fairly safe. While some workplace mishaps may just cause minor scratches and bruises, others may have profoundly negative effects. Burns, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, neck and back discomfort, electrocution, and even death are some of the catastrophic injuries that occur often in industrial accidents.

Life quality may suffer as a result of a serious personal injury. Serious injuries sometimes prevent people from ever fulfilling the duties of their employment again. Permanent impairments result in lost income, insurance problems, and astronomical medical bills in addition to pain and suffering. Helping accident victims get the full and just compensation to which they are entitled is something our workers’ compensation attorneys are passionate about.

Workers’ compensation insurance provides a range of benefits to which you may be entitled if you have been wounded at work, including:

  • Medical Costs – Medical fees for emergency room care, surgery, or continuous rehabilitation therapy may be incurred as a result of your employment injury. These expenses may be covered by workers’ compensation.
  • Weekly Payments – You are entitled to weekly paychecks that are two-thirds of your usual income if your injury requires you to miss work for an extended period of time. Paychecks like this are tax-free.
  • Lump Sum Payments – If a job injury left you disabled, you are entitled to a lump sum payout. Depending on the severity of the impairment and medical assessments, the amount of these lump sum benefits varies for each individual.
  • Permanent Disability Payments – If your injury has rendered you permanently unable to work, you may be eligible to receive two-thirds of your lifetime earnings, tax-free.
  • Death Benefits – Death benefits may be available to you if a job accident caused the death of a loved one. These might include regular salaries and the funding of funeral costs.

Up to two-thirds of your weekly salary and all associated medical costs are covered by workers’ compensation up until the point of maximum medical improvement. Workers’ compensation also provides for transportation to and from medical visits as well as rehabilitation appointments.


Workers’ compensation rules are intended to assist you in recovering some of your losses, but they do not always seek to make you whole. Our goal at Sternberg | Forsythe, P.A. is to make sure you receive the money you require for a complete recovery. Sometimes doing so entails suing companies who may have contributed to your injuries, such as equipment manufacturers who made faulty products, for damages. To make sure you receive the justice you are entitled to, we will carefully review every aspect of your case.

Do I Really Need a Tampa Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Many people make the effort to handle their workers’ compensation claims on their own. While they could have a little chance of getting a settlement, they might not be able to get what they are due. When a Tampa worker compensation lawyer manages your claim, they can make sure that the settlement is reasonable and pays for all past and future costs. Your medical costs and missed pay should be covered by suitable compensation.

Additionally, a lawyer will ensure that your interests are being safeguarded if you are the target of retaliation after submitting a workers’ compensation claim. Retaliation may manifest itself in a number of ways, including a reduction in hours worked, a promotion, a layoff, or an outright dismissal. If any of this has occurred to you, you might want to speak with a workers’ compensation attorney right now.

Your workers’ compensation settlement plan should be prepared in a particular way that takes both variables into account whether you already receive Social Security disability benefits or want to apply for them in the future. Your workers’ compensation settlement may have an impact on your Social Security payments if it is written improperly. You can safeguard both important payments by working with a Tampa worker compensation lawyer on this.

Some businesses and their insurance providers are tardy in making payments. You could be right if you’ve submitted a workers’ compensation claim and think your employer is holding up payment. A lawyer can assist you in keeping your employer on track when you are hurt at work and depend on workers’ compensation to ease the financial strain your accident has created.

What Does a Tampa Worker Compensation Lawyer Do?

Some people choose to pursue their workers’ compensation payments on their own after suffering an occupational injury. By hiring our workers’ compensation attorneys, we can assist you with every step of this challenging procedure, including:

  • Describing the range of benefits to which you are qualified.
  • Submitting your benefits package without a glitch and on time.
  • Ensuring that you get the most reimbursement for missed payments.
  • Requesting disability compensation for life.
  • Handling claim denial appeals.

In our capacity as your knowledgeable advocate, we will see that everything is done properly and on your behalf.

A workers’ compensation attorney can also shield you from reprisals. Unfortunately, a lot of people who have been wounded at work are reluctant to submit a worker’s compensation claim because they worry that their employer may take legal action against them. Any form of discrimination or retribution on the part of your employer as a result of your workman’s compensation claim is prohibited.

Threats, demotions, cutting back on appropriate hours, unpleasant treatment, and termination of employment in retaliation for filing for workers’ compensation are illegal in the state of Florida. If you have workers’ compensation, you cannot be dismissed. However, if you are receiving workers’ compensation or have an open claim, your employment may be terminated. When facing a termination while receiving workers’ compensation, injured workers have a number of rights they can use. One of the greatest ways to ensure that your rights are upheld throughout and after your rehabilitation is to have a knowledgeable and attentive Tampa worker compensation lawyer on your side.

Call our attorneys as soon as possible for a free consultation and explanation of your rights if you are unsure whether to file a claim against your company or if your employer has taken adverse action against you.

Why Choose a Tampa Worker Compensation Lawyer From Sternberg | Forsythe, P.A.?

The lawyers at Sternberg | Forsythe, P.A. represent Tampa, Florida residents whose lives have been made more difficult by expensive injuries. if you’ve had an injury at work. We know what it takes to support you in your workers’ compensation battle. As you deal with your injuries, we put our skills to work for you so that you may continue to support yourself and your family.

We look after individuals whose cases are entrusted to us, and for those who have come to us for aid with workers’ compensation claims, we have assisted in the recovery of millions of dollars. Our attorneys wish to offer an opportunity to assist you with your case after helping Florida workers receive millions in compensation for their job injuries.

Our team of workers’ compensation attorneys is knowledgeable about the strategies used by insurance companies and employers to try to reduce a settlement amount or postpone the payment. By avoiding these avoidance strategies, we have received various distinctions and accolades for the job we provide for our clients.

When injured employees need to obtain workers’ compensation benefits, they may get assistance from the knowledgeable Tampa workers’ compensation lawyers at Sternberg | Forsythe, P.A. After an accident, we are aware of the stress that comes with trying to make ends meet. Financial hardship is experienced by employees and their families as a result of the accumulation of injury-related costs and the inability to work regularly.

Our attorneys seek to ensure that the process of applying for and getting workers’ compensation is as straightforward as possible since they have seen firsthand the stress that this causes for families. Contact us online or by phone at 561-220-4958 to speak with one of our knowledgeable attorneys about your situation.

The Cases We Handle and How We Handle Them

The amount of your workers’ compensation benefits will vary depending on the nature of your job and the specifics of your accident. Workplace accidents like the ones listed below might easily hinder employees from doing their duties:

  • Bone and cartilage fractures
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Lacerations
  • Amputations
  • Brain or spinal injuries
  • Injury from repetitive motion

Not all workplace accidents that keep workers from working are life-threatening. Some injuries, such as those caused by repeated activity, may call for workers to take some time off to heal. A lawyer can assist you in determining if your condition entitles you to benefits regardless of your injuries.

In Florida, workers in many different industries are susceptible to harm. If you are an employee, you most certainly qualify to submit a workers’ compe