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Common Mistakes That Can Derail a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Common Mistakes That Can Derail a Workers Compensation Claim 1

Filing a workers’ compensation claim is one of the most important things you will do if you’ve been injured or sickened on the job in West Palm Beach. The right to file a claim should never be vacated because you will need the benefits to help pay the bills while you miss time on the job to recover from the injury or illness. Filing a claim is not easy. There are mistakes that you can make that will derail your claim almost immediately. Make sure you avoid the common mistakes that can hurt your workers’ compensation claim outlined in today’s post.

Failing to Report the Accident in a Timely Fashion

The biggest mistake you can make when injured or sickened on the job is failing to report the accident or incident in a timely fashion. Your employer should have an accident policy that is posted in a common room or on an internal website. You need to follow this policy to the letter of the law and report your accident immediately to a supervisor or designated person. Written notice sent to an employer within 30 days of the injury is sufficient when you go to file a claim.

Failing to Give Full Report to Doctor

You very well could be hindering your claim from a legal standpoint if you fail to provide a full report about the injury and the accident to your doctor. You need to explain everything that happened during the incident, what was injured, your pain levels and anything else related to the injury when talking to the doctor who is evaluating you.

Failing to Comply with Prescribed Treatment

The doctor who evaluates you will prescribe treatment that you must follow. When you deviate from the treatment plan provided by the doctor you are hurting your workers’ compensation claim immensely. Failing to comply includes missing doctor appointments, failing to go to therapy sessions, not having recommended surgery performed and much more.

You Fail to Organize Your Documents

There are a lot of documents associated with a workers’ compensation claim. These documents must be kept and provided to your attorney for any lawsuit you wish to file. Failing to get organized after being injured on the job can seriously hurt your claim. You will want to keep copies of medical records, medical bills, the accident report and any witness statements.

Failing to Obtain a Second Medical Opinion

It is in your best interest and well within your rights to obtain a second medical opinion regarding your injuries or illness. The insurance company for your employer can dictate which doctor will evaluate and treat you, but there is nothing stopping you from getting a second opinion. If you fail to get a second opinion you could hurt your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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