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Florida workers’ Compensation Filing Requirements

Understanding Your Responsibilities When Filing A Claim
Filing Work Injury Claim

After an injury or diagnosis of illness, understanding your responsibilities and the duties of your employer is important when initiating your Workers’ Compensation claim.

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Steps To Take After An Injury To Protect Your Claim To Workers’ Compensation

If you are seriously injured, you may be unable to work. Filing a Workers’ Compensation claim is essential to safeguarding your income while you recover.

In order to protect your claim for Workers’ Compensation benefits, be sure to consider the following steps:

  • Report your accident, injury or illness to your supervisor or employer as soon as possible. You must report your condition to your employer within 30 days or risk denial of Workers’ Compensation benefits.
  • Upon report, your employer is required to notify the insurer as soon as possible, but no later than seven days after you reported your injury.
  • The insurer will send you a packet of information notifying you of your rights to benefits and the procedure for filing a claim no more than three days following your report of an injury.
  • Receipt of benefits will depend on when the insurer reports your injury. If your employer does not notify his or her insurer, you may contact the insurer directly. You can also contact the State Employee Assistance Office (EAO) for help.
  • If you return to work only partially recovered, then your employer should provide you with a list of restrictions that affect your employment. Your employer should discuss these restrictions with you as well as the possible different duties and compensation that will follow.
  • Your employer is required to inform the insurance adjuster of your plan to return to work as well as any changes to your work duties.

After filing a claim, you may find your claim for lost wages or other benefits denied by your employer or their insurer. If benefits are denied or delayed, a Workers’ Compensation attorney can help you file a Petition for Benefits to initiate the appeals process on your behalf.

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If You have suffered a work injury you are entitle to medical expenses, wages and even a lump payment. Your Have Rights.