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Florida workers’ Compensation Filing Requirements

Filing Work Injury Claim

Understanding Your Responsibilities When Filing A Claim

After an injury or diagnosis of illness, understanding your responsibilities and the duties of your employer is important when initiating your Workers’ Compensation claim.




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Steps To Take After An Injury To Protect Your Claim To Workers’ Compensation

If you are seriously injured, you may be unable to work. Filing a Workers’ Compensation claim is essential to safeguarding your income while you recover.

In order to protect your claim for Workers’ Compensation benefits, be sure to consider the following steps:

After filing a claim, you may find your claim for lost wages or other benefits denied by your employer or their insurer. If benefits are denied or delayed, a Workers’ Compensation attorney can help you file a Petition for Benefits to initiate the appeals process on your behalf.



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We Protect Your Rights After A Job-Related Injury In Florida

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