How Does My Workers’ Comp Lawyer Get Paid In Florida?

Workers’ compensation is a protection for both employers and employees, because it pays medical bills and loss of income after a worker is injured at a workplace, and it legally prevents employers from being sued for those injuries. Read More

What Do I Get Compensated For In a Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit?

The government established workers’ compensation to ensure that employees who are injured on the job are provided financial compensation while they are recovering from their injury.

In general, companies with four or more employees are required to either carry workers’ compensation insurance or self-insurance, which means that they have the funds to pay any employees injured at work for medical expenses and lost income. Read More

How Diabetes can affect a Workers Compensation Claim

Do you suffer from a health condition, such as diabetes? Were you aware that it may impact the settlement you receive in a workers compensation lawsuit?

This is because it is up to the court to decide how much of your injury resulted from them having diabetes and how much of it resulted from the job that you were doing. As a result, there are certain factors the court must consider, including the job duties you had, the extent of your illness and others. Read More

Are All Employers Required to Have Worker Compensation Insurance Coverage?

How Much Do Employers Pay for Workers Compensation Insurance

Worker Compensation Insurance is purchased by business owners to pay for any workers compensation claims that may occur due to on-the-job injuries or adverse conditions developed while working. This is generally a mandatory form of insurance designed to protect workers more than anything else. Read More

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