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Top Five Most Common On The Job Injury

Falling from heights
Falling from heights

Work-related injuries are a common cause for worker’s Compensation lawsuits, as it is the legal responsibility of the employer to ensure that the workplace is safe and that workers are equipped with the proper tools and training to protect themselves.

Worker Compensation is about more than just punishment– it is about ensuring that injured workers can pay for medical bills and support their families after a workplace accident or the onset of an occupational disease.

The five most common on-the-job injuries are:

  • Lifting Injuries – Back injuries caused by employees attempting to lift overly heavy loads are among the worst offenders for worker’s comp lawsuits. If your place of employment regularly expects you to lift heavy loads and doesn’t provide proper training for doing so, you may be able to sue for any muscular strains or worse injuries.
  • Toxic Exposure – If you work with toxic chemicals, materials or fumes on a regular basis, you put yourself at risk daily for a variety of skin, respiratory and digestive conditions. Chemical burns, breathing problems, and even some forms of cancer may be caused by on-the-job toxic exposure.
  • Construction Site Falls – Falling from high locations due to improper ladder technique or systemic employer negligence is another common form of workplace injury. These falls can lead to broken bones, paralysis or even wrongful death.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury – If employees aren’t given proper safety equipment in a dangerous work environment, the most sensitive part of the body is the head and brain. Traumatic brain injuries make up a significant portion of worker’s Compensation claims because they are often the fault of the employer and because they can cause such lasting damage.
  • Occupational Conditions – Conditions caused by repetitive strain such as carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic neck pain can be grounds for a worker’s Compensation lawsuit. An employer should not expect employees to work beyond the standard capabilities of their bodies. If medical attention is required due to work-related physical conditions, a worker’s comp lawsuit may be in order.

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