7 Tips for Workers’ Safety – Strengthening Your Case

In many cases, when an employee suffers an injury at work, an employer is to blame. When an employer is negligent, employees may face a hazardous work environment, improper safety equipment, or toxic chemicals. An employee injured by a careless employer may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit with the assistance of an experienced attorney. Read More

Workers Compensation Roadblocks

Workers Compensation is a program that helps employees injured on-the-job by providing income and medical benefits. It is a federal program that is state-regulated, and most states require employers to have workers compensation insurance for their employees. In Florida, construction companies with one or more employees must carry workers comp insurance, and other industry businesses with four or more employees must carry it. Medical bills related to injuries sustained on-the-job are covered under this insurance, and a portion of lost wages are provided to the worker. Read More

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