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Workers Compensation Roadblocks

Workers Compensation is a program that helps employees injured on-the-job by providing income and medical benefits. It is a federal program that is state-regulated, and most states require employers to have workers compensation insurance for their employees. In Florida, construction companies with one or more employees must carry workers comp insurance, and other industry businesses with four or more employees must carry it. Medical bills related to injuries sustained on-the-job are covered under this insurance, and a portion of lost wages are provided to the worker.

Process for workers comp

There will be an initial hearing at the Division of Worker Compensation to determine if you have a work-related injury that must receive continued treatment. Hearings are conducted much like a standard court proceeding. Testimony is heard, evidence is presented, and the judge makes a determination. If the judge decides that you are not entitled to workers comp benefits, you can file an appeal.

Getting your claim for workers comp approved is the first obstacle to face, but it is not the only hurdle in your battle to get continued treatment. Once the doctors agree that you do have a work-related injury that must be treated, then it is a matter of if the treatment recommended by your doctor will be paid by workers comp. The employer’s medical expert may disagree with your doctor on the treatment necessary for the condition. Many times, insurance companies will require you to receive non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments or therapies before they will approve surgeries.

If there is a long period between treatments, the workers comp case must be reopened. Unfortunately, this starts the recertification process again, and the delayed process to receive treatments of any kind. It can take months before the injured employee can get relief for his or her pain.

You need legal counsel to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve

Sometimes employees give up because the process is too overwhelming. That is why it is important that you retain an experienced Florida workers comp lawyer to help you through the process of receiving Compensation benefits and the medical treatment you need.

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