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5 Tricks Insurance Companies Use in Car Accident Cases

Car Accident Cases 1
Car Accident Cases 1

Despite what their commercials say, insurance companies are not on your side after a car accident. They spend billions on advertisements designed to make them appear trustworthy, but make no mistake: they are in the business of making money. The less they pay out in car accident claims, the more money they make.

If you have been injured in an auto collision, be wary of these tricks. Talk to a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer about your case.

1. They Delay

When you’re injured after a car accident, you have to deal with missed work, doctors’ appointments, and medical bills that keep piling up.

Insurance companies know this, and they sometimes make it a point to allow your case to drag on as long as possible. Their goal is to make you so frustrated that you end up settling for a low figure just to get the case over with.

Car accident lawyers know how difficult it is to keep up with bills after an accident, which is why they work hard to resolve personal injury cases and get the damages their clients need.

2. They Keep Asking for Information

Insurance companies can also make your life difficult by continuously asking for additional information. Just when you think you have given them every piece of information possible, they request more.

Maybe they want to see your latest doctor’s report, or perhaps they want you to give them a statement. At some point, the constant requests for information become just another tactic to delay your case and cause you unreasonable frustration.

3. They Switch Adjusters

Just because you start your claim with one adjuster does not mean you’re guaranteed to work with that person throughout the life of your claim.

Insurance companies are notorious for allowing injury victims to build up a relationship and rapport with an adjuster, only to abruptly hand the claim off to a new adjuster.

This puts the claimant back to square one, as the new adjuster must get up to speed on the claim.

4. They Ask for All of Your Medical Records

When you’re unfamiliar with how insurance companies work, turning over all your medical records may seem quite reasonable.

What you may not realize is that insurance companies want access to your entire medical history so they can look for evidence of preexisting health conditions. They use these records to look for any reason to deny your claim.

5. They Offer You a Quick Settlement

This trick is the flipside of delaying your claim. In some cases, insurance companies offer to quickly settle your claim.

They make it incredibly easy for you to waive your rights to any future compensation, and they do so knowing full well that you are entitled to more money for your injuries and any future pain and suffering.

It is tempting to accept a fast settlement, but it is rarely in your best interests.

Don’t Be a Victim Twice

Insurance companies make a conscious, calculated effort to offer car accident victims unfair settlements. As CNN reports, some insurers have offered as little as $50 in car accident cases.

In another case, a jury awarded a woman $167,000, after her insurance company had offered her just $15,000 to settle her car accident claim.

If you must talk to your insurance company, make sure you have a lawyer on your side.

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West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyers

Your insurance company is not looking out for you. To get the compensation and care you deserve, contact a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer.

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