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Workers’ Compensation: Can I Recover from Repetitive Stress Injuries?

Repetitive Stress Injuries 1
Repetitive Stress Injuries 1

Some people just assume that their body will eventually give out on them as they age. However, what they may not realize is that certain repetitive motions, particularly at work, can make this “normal” aging process faster. For example, so many people have back problems that you may not realize that years of bending and twisting at work have taken a serious toll on your body.


Workers’ Compensation Can Help

The average worker likely does not realize that workers’ compensation can cover some of these repetitive stress injuries that have been incurred at work. There is no need to suffer from a specific injury. Instead, if you have been subjected to years of repetitive motion, you may have a Florida’s workers’ compensation claim. This also applies to diseases that you have contracted from repeated exposure to a particular substance at work.

What is a Repetitive Stress Injury?

A repetitive stress injury can occur when you have been doing the same activities for a long period of time. The repetitive action can go on for years before it actually causes any noticeable problems.

Those with repetitive stress injuries commonly feel pain in an area of their muscles, nerves, or tendons. Generally, it is an aching, nearly constant pain, but it can be sharp, periodic pain as well. Tingling sensations, numbness, cramping, and stiffness are also fairly common side effects.

Repetitive stress injuries most often occur in the upper body, but they can occur in the lower extremities as well. The back and neck are much more prone to this type of injury than the legs or feet.

If you are exposed to cold temperatures, stress, awkward working positions, or repeated high-intensity activities without rest, then you are more likely to develop a repetitive stress injury.

Examples of Repetitive Stress Injuries

This type of injury varies greatly, but there are a few types of injuries that appear frequently.

  • Back injuries: If you spend a great deal of time lifting, pushing, pulling, or twisting at work, your back will likely take a toll. It can be worse if you consistently engage in the same types of motions on a regular basis.
  • Carpel Tunnel: In this type of injury, your median nerve located on the underside of the wrist is compressed. Repetitive motions are often to blame for this type of condition. Your hands and fingers may be numb or tingly periodically and you may struggle to grasp things occasionally. Some clients with this condition report that it is difficult to hold even something simple like a soda.
  • Tendonitis: This condition involves a strain of the tendons. There will likely be pain and discomfort in the limbs, particularly in the arms, if you have this type of condition. Mobility may be decreased and stiffness is common.

Repetitive stress injuries are not only caused by physically demanding jobs. They are caused by virtually any consistently repeated activity. Even typing at a desk for many hours a day can cause carpel tunnel. Your body is not built to do the same thing over and over again, and it does not respond well when you force it to do so regularly.

Gradual Onset Diseases and Illnesses

Frequent exposure to certain conditions can also cause serious long term problems. For example, if you frequently work in a dusty environment and breathe in dust, then you are more likely to develop a breathing condition like asthma. Exposure to toxic or dangerous chemicals on a regular basis can also have serious long-term side effects.

If you or a loved one has developed a disease or illness, take a serious look at your (or your loved one’s) work conditions. Could your disease or illness be work related?

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