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What to Do if Your Car Breaks Down at Night

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Tragedy on the side of the road does not always occur because of an accident involving two cars colliding with each another. In many cases, many break downs that occur on the side of the road at night result in fatalities.

But there are ways to protect yourself if your car breaks down at night rather than sitting on the side of the road in a very vulnerable position. All too often, drivers are not prepared to see a car or person on a side of the road and notice much too late to stop a wreck from occurring.

All too often, drivers are not aware of the types of vehicles around them, including those that are broken down. When it comes to the human body trying to survive against the weight and force put on a person from a large vehicle, it is rare that a person will survive.

With highway widening projects, constant construction, and varying weather conditions, you cannot depend on their being a wide should while you drive or if you break down.

So, what should you do if you are driving at night and your vehicle breaks down? There are many suggestions which help you:

Immediately activate your hazard flashers: With the click of a button, your hazards may save your life. Other drivers should know you are not in motion and not moving like an operational vehicle. At night, it is nearly impossible to estimate the speed other people on the road are going. Hazards prevent other drivers from hitting your vehicle or you.

Pull as far off of the road you can: You need to be completely off the road when you break down. Disabled vehicles are in danger of getting hit especially at night. Even if you are innocent, you will not be in good shape if you are hit by another vehicle that is speeding by you.

Take note of your location: Luckily, modern technology now allows people to pinpoint their exact location by simply ‘dropping a pin’ on a map. You can also find your exact mile marker for when you call a tow company, the authorities, or AAA.

Call someone for help: In some cases, you might deem it necessary to call 911. Whenever you feel unsafe, you are not wrong to contact the police and alert them of your situation. Many drivers don’t wait around for the proper authorities like a tow truck or the police and get a ride from family or friends. You just might find yourself with a totaled car by the time you get back to it at the end of the day.

Exit the vehicle from the passenger’s side: Even if everything looks clear, getting out of your car on the driver’s side is a recipe for disaster. What if you trip and fall which won’t allow you to get up in time to get out of the road?

Unfortunately, bad luck combined with horrible placement on the side of the road leaves you susceptible to serious damage and/or injury. If there is a concrete wall blocking you from getting out of the passenger’s side of the vehicle, then stay in the car until you get some help.

When your vehicle still moves forward, you can try to get away from the concrete barrier by driving forward slowly in the emergency lane with your hazard lights flashing.

Put up the hood of your car and lock your doors if you wait in your vehicle: You might not know why the car broke down but letting hot air out of the engine helps cool you off. When it is hot or cold out, you might feel like you need to keep the vehicle on for heating or cooling the vehicle. Leaving the car running might exacerbate the problem and put you and others in the car at risk for poisoning.

Exercise caution when someone stops to help you: Unfortunately, we live in a time when you don’t know if you can trust anyone even if the person has the best of intentions. It is best to err on the side of caution just because it is not always safe to accept help from strangers. If someone stops in an unmarked vehicle and claims they are a police officer, it is your right to ask for their identification.

Break out your emergency kit: After you get out from the passenger side of the vehicle, you can set up flares or reflective triangles around your vehicle. If you believe the risk it too great because of oncoming traffic, it is best to just wait it out with your hazards on.

Use caution when changing a tire: When you have a flat tire it is good because you know why you had to stop, but it is bad because you will find yourself changing your tire in a high-pressure situation on the side of the road.

Hopefully, you have enough space to change the tire without risk to yourself. If there is any question, just wait until you can get towed to a garage. A flat tire and inconvenience to your day is much easier to deal with than a severe injury you experienced while on the side of the road.

Don’t stand directly in front of or behind your vehicle when on the side of the road: A driver stopping to help you might see you outside of your vehicle only after they have hurt you. Someone with the intention of helping you may pull up behind or in front of your car and hurt you accidently.

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