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5 Most Common Personal Injury Cases in Florida

Sternberg Common Personal Injury

Accidents, unfortunately, are just one of those things that every individual will encounter. While most of these accidents are innocent and cause little to no injuries, there are those occasional accidents that can have devastating and life-changing results.

In the state of Florida, personal injury lawyers in West Palm Beach deal with certain personal injury cases more than others. Below are the five most common types of personal injury cases filed in Florida each year.

Slip and Fall Occurs Outside the StoreSlip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can cause shattering, if not life-threatening, injuries. Most of the injuries encountered during a slip and fall accident can debilitate the victim for the rest of his or her life. While personal injury cases are one of the more difficult claims to file, skilled personal injury lawyers in West Palm Beach can help. Read more..

Product LiabilityProduct Liability

Product liability claims happen due to the endless amount of products hitting the market each year. When an individual is injured by one of these products—as long as they were using the product as it was intended—they could file a personal injury claim.

car accidentsAuto Accidents

In 2012, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles reported over 280,000 car accidents. Therefore, it should be no surprise that auto accidents make up a large majority of personal injury claims each year. However, these accidents are not just restricted to the individuals in the vehicles; they can also apply to pedestrians and cyclists struck by a negligent driver.

Medical MalpracticeMedical Malpractice

Unfortunately, physicians and medical professionals are under a lot of pressure to take care of their patients and provide the best care possible. But, with so many patients seen on a daily basis, it is also no surprise that medical malpractice claims make up a large portion of personal injury cases filed each year. The devastating nature of these types of negligence cases can also often lead to wrongful death.

Florida's Workers' Compensation BenefitsWorker’s Compensation

Companies are under severe pressure to keep up with consumer demand and remain competitive in a down market. Work-related injuries, however, are also increasing because due to rushed business practices. There are an estimated three million injuries that occur on the job each year—and these are typically injuries that occur while the employee is at work. Read more..

Personal Injury LawyerMeet With Personal Injury Lawyers in West Palm Beach

If you think you have a personal injury case, then you need an attorney skilled in Florida personal injury cases. West Palm Beach personal injury attorneys at Sternberg | Forsythe, P.A. will help represent you during your claim and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation at 561-687-5660.

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