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Understanding Some of the Most Common Office Work Injury Claims

Understanding Some of the Most Common Office Work Injury Claims
Understanding Some of the Most Common Office Work Injury Claims

Oftentimes, when many think about work injury claims, there are images of employees getting hurt while working in industrial settings, such as factories or on construction sites. Many never think of work-related injuries happening in an office setting where there are computers, desks, chairs and meeting rooms. 

Whether an employee has been injured on a construction site or within a work cubicle, work-place injuries are common and should be documented by the injured employee once they happen. Let’s examine some of the most common office work injury claims and how your Florida workers’ compensation attorney team can assist you with complete and skilled representation.

The Most Common Office Work Injuries

Getting hurt while performing office tasks can be emotionally traumatizing, painful and downright excruciating. Additionally, there are many hidden dangers and hazards in an office setting which can cause significant harm to office workers. Let’s delve into some of the most common office work injuries

Slips, Trips and Falls

You’re enjoying a day at the office and are making plans to spend time with your family after work. You decide to head into the office break room for another delicious cup of coffee, only to slip and fall on the office kitchen floor. Your hip now hurts, your clothes are torn, and you have a raging headache, as a result of you head hitting the floor. Co-workers come to your rescue as you work to get up and head back to your cubicle. You are now an injured employee who now has to document the slip and fall you endured in the kitchen office.  

Slips, trips and falls are indeed one of the most common office work injuries and result in claims being filed by injured employees. These kinds of injuries can result in lost wages, various work restrictions and in many instances, some sort of permanent disability. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

CTS or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is another common office work injury claim filed by employees and can hinder an employee’s use of his, her or their hands and arms. CTS results in the tingling and numbness of a wrist. The pain is located in the hand, which is caused by pressure within the median nerve. 

Additionally, the carpal tunnel- the slender vessel encased by ligaments and bones- is fashioned by the carpal bones which are located underneath of the wrist. CTS develops within many office workers, due to prolonged and repetitive motions. Continuous typing on a computer and other repetitive office duties at a desk can result in CTS or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  

Muscle Strains and Overexertion

Overexertion injuries such as muscle strains in addition to RSI or repetitive strain injuries are also one of the most common office injuries, and can result in an office work injury claim. Muscle strains and overexertion can lead to debilitating pain as well as a loss in office productivity. 

These kinds of injuries can be caused by:  carrying, throwing, moving a computer mouse or typing without proper ergonomics and more. An employer should have required training on how to perform any physical tasks properly. Your employer should also have detailed information on how to prevent muscle strains and overexertion. 

Being Struck by Other Office Worker’s Falling Objects or Equipment

Another common office work injury claim filed by employers is that of falling objects or equipment in the office workplace. Let’s say that you may decide to head to the office’s mail room to ship a package. You unknowingly stand under a cabinet filled with boxes when suddenly the force of those boxes opens the cabinet door, and the heavy boxes hit and/or collide with the top of your head. The boxes then make their way onto the floor, with your feet directly in their path. Now you have an excruciating headache coupled with swollen and painful feet. You receive assistance from other co-workers after yelling for help. Now, you must file the correct paperwork, detailing the incident. 

Injuries and Violence in An Office Setting

As much as many of us would like to think that fights and violence don’t break out in office settings where we work, they do indeed happen. You may become injured while two employees get into a physical altercation. You may also become injured during a rant that another employee has. He, she or they may be hurling objects while yelling. 

Additionally, an aggressive confrontation by a customer on the job or an employee can lead to emotional trauma, intensifying stress and tension. Those bouts of aggressive confrontation can also lead to intimidation, harassment and even a physical assault. Thankfully in this day and age, many can record instances such as these- on mobile devices. Nevertheless, a claim should be filed, with the appropriate parties and authorities having an opportunity to investigate them thoroughly.  

If You’ve Been Hurt, Get Paid

If you have succumbed to some sort of office work injury or trauma, you may be able to receive compensation. Thankfully, your Florida office work injury attorney is here to help you with complete and skilled representation. Having handled over 11,000 workers’ compensation claims, your Florida office work injury legal team is very familiar with some of the most common office work injury claims that Florida residents have filed. 

Additionally, they have extensive knowledge of Florida’s laws as they relate to the most common office work injuries and workers’ compensation. 

How a Work Injury Attorney Can Help You Now

According to data released by the National Safety Council, an employee is injured on the job every seven seconds. As one can imagine, these injuries can result in loss of workplace productivity, a diminished quality of life and other ailments. A Florida workers’ compensation lawyer  can help you successfully document your office work injury claim, while protecting your interests and helping you get the money you deserve, as a result of being hurt in your office or workplace.

 In fact, they have a thorough understanding of the confusion, embarrassment and stress you may encounter as a result of getting hurt at work. 

Connect with your Florida Work Injury Lawyer Today

Whether you’re looking to file a worker’s compensation claim in Florida, or discuss some of the most common office work injury claims, your competent and dedicated Florida lawyer can help. With offices in Orlando, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, they will work efficiently and effectively to provide the best possible outcome of your office work injury claim. So, why not connect with your Florida workers’ compensation attorney group now and receive a free case evaluation? Help is here for you and your office work injury claim. Suffer no more. 

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