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Play Ball! 6 Common Legal Issues with Baseball-Related Injuries

Play Ball 6 Common Legal Issues with Baseball Related Injuries 1
Play Ball 6 Common Legal Issues with Baseball Related Injuries 1

Baseball season is a time of fun – after all, this is American’s favorite pastime. However, just because you are having fun, it doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. There are a few ways you may suffer a personal injury while at a baseball game. Knowing the dangers can help you avoid the consequences.

Foul Ball

According to the “Baseball Rule,” fans understand that there may be foul balls that enter into the stands while a game is going on. This occurrence is so common that it was put into effect to stop fans from being able to sue after they suffered an injury that occurred because of a foul ball.

Stray Bats

While this issue was originally included in the “Baseball Rule” mentioned earlier, a woman a Red Sox game suffered a severe injury because of shards of a bat. This changed the understanding of what types of injuries would be excluded from legal action during a game. There are several teams that have now added protective netting to help and protect fans from injuries due to stray bats, or parts of stray bats.

Batting Cages

Even the players can suffer injuries during a baseball game. In fact, during batting practice a player took a ball right to his face. However, according to the court’s ruling, players understood the injuries they may face or suffer as part of the game.

However, there was a case where a minor suffered an injury while playing baseball. This incident led to a lawsuit against the little league, the sporting goods store and the manufacturer of the bat. In this situation, the case was won. If you are injured at a baseball game, it is best to consult with a personal injury attorney since there may be situations where your case can be successful.

Little League

It is imperative that kids are careful when playing baseball, even if they are just on a little league team. Before, a woman was hit right in the face when a throw went awry. Now the court is looking into if the throw was accidental or intentional and if the game needs to be included in the “Baseball Rule.”

Food in the Face

The majority of games are made much more enjoyable if you have a snack while you watch. There are some teams that even shoot food out of an air cannon and into the crowd. However, you need to be careful here. Apparently the team cannot be held liable for an injury that comes from this type of incident.


The mascot of a baseball team is meant to help and get everyone excited. However, there are some mascots that take it a bit too far and wind up pranking the fans. This may lead to an injury if you aren’t careful.

As you can see, there are more than a few ways you may suffer an injury while at a baseball game. Take some time to protect yourself and if you do suffer an injury, contact personal injury attorneys.

If you have been injured at a baseball game, contact personal injury attorney Scott J. Stenberg by calling 561-687-5660.

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