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If you are injured while on the job, our workers’ compensation lawyers can help you with the process of filing for medical payment compensation, or to receive disability benefits. We understand the workers’ compensation laws in Florida and are dedicated to helping all of our clients get the benefits they deserve.

Work Injury AttorneysBenefits offered by workers’ compensation insurance are designed to provide compensation for those who suffer an injury while they are on the job, or who get sick because of the circumstances of their job. If an employer has four or more full- or part-time workers, then the law requires them to have this coverage.

When you call our office, we will provide you with a no-obligation, no-cost consultation to review the details of your case and determine if you need our help.

Important Facts and Laws Related to Filing a Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit

If you suffer an injury while on the job, for example due to a ladder accident, then you need to report it to your employer as soon as you can. Proper and timely notification to the right individuals must occur within a period of 30 days after the accident occurred, or your claim is going to be denied.

Seven days after you have reported your workplace injury to your employer, they have to notify their insurance carrier. If they do not do this, then you can contact the proper government agency and request free legal help. This is the best time for you to contact our team for assistance as well. We can determine the legal action that needs to be taken.

Laws Related to Workers’ Compensation in the State of Florida

A work injury can be serious, which is why it is so important to take the proper legal steps after you are inured. According to the workers’ compensation laws in Florida, injured workers are entitled to receive two different types of benefits:

  • Payment for any medically necessary treatments, general care, and prescribed medications.
  • Benefits in the form of a monetary payment and indemnity benefits for work-related disabilities.

The payments you receive for your workers’ compensation benefits will not include any compensation for the pain and suffering that you incur, the loss of life enjoyment or other types of similar damages.

Documenting Your Work Injury Claim

When you contact our law firm to help with your work injury claim, we will help ensure your injury is properly documented. The fact is, there are several regulatory procedures you must follow to have a successful case. These include:

  • Contacting your employer to let them know of the injury
  • Documenting the place and time your work accident occurred
  • Explaining how the injury happened
  • Listing any and all witnesses to the injury
  • Notifying the insurance carrier about the injury
  • Submitting an appeal in a timely manner if the benefits are denied
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At the Sternberg / Forsythe, P.A., we are dedicated to helping you get the benefits that you deserve. We understand the law and the procedures that must be followed to ensure you get the benefits you deserve. It is vital that you contact us as soon as your work injury occurs, so we can begin the process of making sure you get the benefits that you deserve. We are here to fight for your rights and will help you in difficult situations, such as dealing with denied workers’ compensation benefits.



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