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Hit and Run? 5 Things You Must Do Immediately After

Hit and Run
Hit and Run

Auto accidents happen, but so do hit-and-run accidents. In fact, according to the AASHTO’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan, 16 percent of pedestrian-involved car accidents are hit and runs. If you are a victim of a hit and run, whether you were in a vehicle or a pedestrian, you still have options. And, the more appropriately you act, the better the outcome of your hit and run.

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Call Help Immediately

After a hit-and-run accident, call for help right away. It is your legal responsibility to remain at the scene, so you need help to come to you. Call the police right away and let the dispatcher know of your injuries so that they can contact paramedics.

Identify the Driver and Car (if Possible)

You may be shaken up, but try to remember the make and model of the other vehicle. If you can, try to write down or remember the license plate number. The responding officer will ask for this information.

Do Not Chase the Other Vehicle

While you may be tempted to run the other vehicle down, don’t. You could not only get in another accident, you could also be charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

Identify Any Witnesses

If you are okay to move around or if anyone stops at the scene of the accident, then get as much information from them as you can. You’ll want to get their contact information, their account, etc. Do not rely on law enforcement to talk to them or relay their contact information to you. Also, some witnesses may leave before the police arrive, so the faster you act, the better.

Call an Attorney

Insurance companies may be reluctant to help (see how long it takes to settle a claim here), especially if there is not an identified guilty party. If you find your insurance company is not helping, you will want an attorney to assist you with your case. An attorney can help you recover all of your costs and then some as well as ensure you receive a proper settlement for your pain and suffering.

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West Palm Beach hit and run attorney at Sternberg | Forsythe, P.A. can help you with your hit and run accident case. Whether you’re battling insurance or you are suing a responsible party for your injuries, you have the right to maximum compensation.

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