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5 Things You Should Never Do Following a Vehicle Accident

STERNBERG Never Do Following Vehicle Accident
STERNBERG Never Do Following Vehicle Accident

Did you just jeopardize your case? Car accidents are chaotic, tense, and highly emotional. You are shaken up, confused, and you could be seriously injured at the time the accident occurs. But, regardless of the emotions involved, how you act following your car accident could determine whether or not you win your personal injury lawsuit. There are things you can do to reduce your compensation or cause your case to be dismissed.

Ensure you do not jeopardize your case by avoiding these common, detrimental things.

Stay CalmPersonal Injury Lawyer West Palm Beach

Shouting, cursing or acting irrational at the scene of the accident will only add fuel to the fire. It is in your best interests to remain calm. When speaking to officials about the accident, avoid obscenities or showing any signs of rage—this could be used as potential evidence against you by the other party.

Car Accident LawyerNever Leave the Scene of an Accident

Leaving the scene of an accident not only will ruin your case, but it could add criminal charges and you could face jail time. Even if the car accident was not your fault, leaving the scene could be seen as an admission of guilt by police. Remain at the scene of the accident and only leave if paramedics or other officials are escorting you away from the crash site.

Auto Accident Lawyer West Palm BeachNever Admit Fault or Apologize

Even if you feel as though you are at fault, never apologize or admit that fault to the other party. All it takes is the slightest admission of guilt to turn the liability onto you—and could result in the other party filing a suit against you in the future. Keep quiet, respond to questions, but do not apologize or admit anything. At the same time, do not blame the other party and do document if the other party admits fault.

 accident attorney west palm beach Do Not Contact the Other Party’s Insurer or Speak to their Lawyer

It is not uncommon for the other party’s insurer or attorney to contact you following an accident. They may call to ask for information about the crash, and while it may seem innocent, do not speak to them until you have spoken to your own attorney. If you have not hired an attorney yet, refer the insurance agent or other party’s counsel to speak with your insurance company.

Accident Law FloridaNever Accept a Settlement without Consulting an Attorney

Insurance companies are quick to settle car accidents. They often rely on the fact that the other party has damages and medical expenses; therefore, they want to take advantage of your desperation. But, never accept a settlement, especially the first settlement that is presented to you. Instead, speak with a personal injury attorney and discuss the settlement in detail. Your attorney may provide you with insight about how much it will truly cost for you to get back on your feet and ensure that your legal costs are covered in the settlement too.

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