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Workers’ Compensation Shortcuts – The Easy Way

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Sternberg Workers Compensation Shortcuts Sternberg 1

When employees get injured on the job, the workers’ compensation system can be quite long, complicated, and arduous for both employer and employees. The system is designed to protect both employees and employers.

Employees can file claims for compensation in lieu of their injuries and employers are protected from the threat of tort litigation where the employee seeks to recover additional damages through a lawsuit.


Knowledge is Power.

A worker’s comp attorney knows the system well and can help employees work through the system promptly, efficiently, and more easily. Working with an experienced workers’ comp attorney can help you to take charge of the situation and get you through the remaining process.

Who is responsible?

When an accident occurs at work, the employer is responsible for making sure that the employee receives immediate attention, proper medical care, and subsequent compensation for any injuries.

The laws were created to provide protection to injured employees. However, every case is not the same; some might be more complex, severe, and unique, which might require an employee or employer to find a workers’ compensation attorney.

What if there is a dispute?

In some worker’s comp cases, the employee, employer, and insurance company might disagree in various aspects of a case. In situations like these, the attorney steps in and handles the dispute from start to finish, always working in the client’s best interest.

Is the claim legitimate?

The employer has to pay monthly insurance premiums to maintain workers’ comp benefits in the workplace. In fact, this is mandatory in most states. When an employer has filed too many claims, then their monthly premium increases.

A workers’ comp attorney is able to assess a case, its legitimacy, and protect the employee’s rights. The attorney must ensure that the potential worker’s comp benefit that is expected by the employee is also justified.

Is it really that easy? Contact Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are an employee and have been hurt on the job, and have questions about a workers’ compensation claim, then contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney today at 561-687-5660 for more information and help through the process.

A workers’ compensation attorney knows the ins and outs of a workers’ comp claim, and can help you to make sure yours goes as smoothly as possible so you can get the care that you deserve and that is rightfully yours. It’s really that easy.

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