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Worker Burnout Now a Diagnosable Condition

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Improperly managed and chronic workplace stress can result in employee’s suffering burnout. This is a condition that can be seen in an array of industries, and it’s become so common recently that WHO (the World Health Organization) has referred to it as an official, diagnosable condition. While this is true, in the state of Florida, it isn’t considered an occupational illness – yet.

While this is true, this step may encourage employers to do something about not only managing, but also treating cases of burnout among their employees. WHO has defined burnout as a condition that can be characterized by three, specific things:

  • Feelings of exhaustion or energy depletion
  • Growing detachment from the work
  • A decline in the ability to get work done

Workers who have suffered burnout are anxious, irritable, and prone to negative or cynical thoughts regarding their work.

Burnout can also impact employee safety. This is because burnout can impact overall employee safety, as well, as many workers suffering from this condition may begin to respond slowly to emergency situations, drive inattentively, and misuse heavy machinery. They may also begin to get into fights with co-workers. What makes the situation even worse is that employees who suffer from burnout are at a much higher risk of alcohol or drug abuse.

What Does OSHA Say?

OSHA doesn’t have any standards related to burnout, which mean it is up to employers to take initiative. This all begins with speaking with employees about the condition and making sure that everyone is aware of the symptoms. Employers may want to create some type of employee assistance program or provide paid time off work for workers who are suffering from burnout.

There is a slight possibility that workers suffering from burnout can file workers’ compensation claim and be covered for what medical expenses they incur, along with a portion of the wages they have lost. Being able to prove burnout is still tricky and victims may have a claim denied if they are to blame for the condition they have. This is why hiring a workers’ compensation attorney is a smart move. The attorney will be able to help with filing an appeal for your situation.

Should Your Hire an Attorney for Cases of Worker Burnout?

Do you believe that you suffer from worker burnout? Or, are you dealing with another type of work-related illness or injury? If so, it is a good idea to hire an attorney with previous experience handling these cases. As mentioned above, worker burnout isn’t an official reason to collect workers’ compensation, but if it is a part of any illness or situation, receiving compensation may be possible.

If you are ready to learn more, contact us at Sternberg | Forsythe, P.A. by calling (561) 687-5660. Our legal team can help ensure you have the best possible case for the situation and that you have the highest likelihood of recovering compensation.

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