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FAQs: Who Pays for Workers’ Compensation?

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If you are injured at work, then you may have a workers’ compensation claim. But how does it work? Do you have to pay for anything yourself? What about going to do the doctor?

A Florida workers’ compensation attorney can answer all of these questions, and more, but here are a few of the most common questions relating to workers’ compensation payments and expenses.

Q: Who pays for workers’ compensation insurance?

The employee never has to pay for their own benefits or workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Your employer must pay an insurance premium for workers’ compensation, much like your car insurance or health insurance. Then, that insurance will pay you if you are covered under workers’ compensation. Your employer should never directly pass these costs on to you.

Q: How do they know how much I should get for benefits?

Your workers’ compensation benefits are automatically determined based on Florida workers’ compensation laws. It will vary depending on how much you earn in an average week. Your benefits will be a portion of your average weekly wage and may vary based on the type of job that you have.

Q: How long will I receive benefits?

The amount of time that you receive benefits will vary greatly depending on the type of injury that you sustained. In serious cases, where you can never return to work, your benefits could go on until you pass away. In less serious cases, the benefits may stop when you go back to work. Each injury has a benefit amount based on a predetermined number of weeks.

Q: Are my benefits taxable?

One of the reasons that your benefits are less than your average weekly wage is because they are not taxed like your regular income. In fact, your weekly benefits are completely exempt from both state and federal taxes.

Q: Who pays for medical expenses?

As long as you are going to an “authorized physician”, then your employer or its insurance company should pay for your medical expenses. This includes your prescription medications as well. If you decide to go to a different doctor than what your employer has provided, then you may need to pay for those medical expenses.

When seeing any doctor, you should be sure to specifically state that you are being treated for a work-related injury and that your workers’ compensation will be footing the bill.

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