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A Guide to Medical Benefits Under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation System

Sternberg Law Office A Guide to Medical Benefits Under Floridas Workers Compensation System
Sternberg Law Office A Guide to Medical Benefits Under Floridas Workers Compensation System

Medical benefits are part of workers’ compensation in Florida. Work-related injuries require your employer, or their insurance carrier, to cover all medical expenses related to a particular injury that occurred on the job. This includes expenses for procedures and medications dictated by your doctor and any other expenses reasonably related to your injury.

However, in order for these expenses to be covered, you must first follow the proper procedures. The first step should always be to report your injury to a supervisor so that the accident and injury is properly documented to ensure that your company alerts their insurance carrier to jump start a workers’ compensation claim.

Most injuries do not require immediate emergency care, but if yours does your primary care doctor will be subsequently assigned after this treatment. The doctor assigned to you by the insurance company of your employer is the only doctor authorized for treatment.

Authorized Treating Physician

Upon visiting with your ATP for the first time you should be prepared to submit a drug test. This is because coverage for your medical expenses is often denied if you found intoxicated during the time of the accident. Of course, you can challenge any positive findings of illegal substances and should hire an personal injury attorney as well. If you choose not to see your ATP, your company is not required by law to pay for any associated services. As a result, all medical costs are up to you to pay out of pocket; emergency treatment, as previously stated, does not fall under these stipulations generally because of the importance of timely treatment.

Unhappy with Your ATP?

If you are unhappy with the work or diagnosis performed by your ATP, you are allowed by Florida law to change your doctor, but only one time. It is likely that your employer will still make this decision for you because they have five days to do so. Your company does not want to open themselves up to the risk of you choosing a doctor who may be incompetent or otherwise disadvantageous to their interests.

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If you are in fact able to select your own doctor because your company failed to do so within the allotted five days, the doctor must still agree to the terms of the workers’ compensation pay schedule. If you choose to select another doctor, do so carefully as you will not have the option to change again,even if you want to switch back to your original doctor.

Expenses that Are Covered

Below includes more extensive details on each expense area covered in Florida by your employer in the case of workers’ compensation claims.

Basic Expenses: These are all applicable expenses for which you received prior authorization. Your employer is required to pay these costs in the state of Florida. In order to ensure your bills are paid, they should be first sent to your attorney. Generally medications are paid via a prescription card, which allows you to go to any authorized pharmacy to collect any needed prescribed medications without payingout of pocket.

If you cannot transport yourself to your medical appointments, your company will pay for that as well up to the point of .44.5 centers per mile. Keep a mileage log, which can be provided by the insurance carrier for your company or your company itself, and make sure to fill it out properly.

Psychological/Mental Disorders: If your physical injury or workers’ compensation claim resulted in a psychological or mental disorder, then it may be covered by your company.

Attendant Care: If you need the care of an attendant—a person who is not related to you—these costs fall under workers’ compensation coverage as well.

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