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What if I Do Not Like the Doctor Chosen by My Employer’s Worker Compensation Insurance Carrier?

Many people have physicians they have trusted for years, but the rules for Worker compensation claims in Florida take a hard line, requiring the use only of approved medical providers. If you believe you are not receiving the treatment you need to heal from your injuries, you may have some options available to help rectify the situation.

The overall rules for choosing a doctor are designed to protect your immediate medical needs, while following procedures as closely as possible. According to the Division of Worker Compensation, you have the following options:

  • You can obtain initial medical attention from a doctor chosen by your employer when you report your injury.
  • For an injury that requires emergency medical attention, you can go to any emergency medical facility without employer approval, provided you inform the facility that you suffered an on-the-job injury and provide contact information for your employer or the insurance carrier.
  • Follow-up treatment must be authorized by your employer’s Worker compensation insurance carrier.

In some cases, an authorized physician may fail to take your complaints seriously or misdiagnose serious conditions. For example, the doctor can misinterpret X-rays revealing broken ribs and attempt to send you back to work when you really need bed rest. Your first course of action is to talk to your employer or directly with the insurance carrier and ask to see a different doctor for a second opinion. However, if your request to be seen to another medical provider is refused, or you have trouble with a new doctor, you may need to engage an experienced Florida Worker compensation lawyer to help seek the relief you need.

Sometimes, a knowledgeable legal advocate can break through the red tape with a simple phone call. However, dedicated Florida Worker compensation attorneys can also help you take full legal action. Whether you need to seek the assistance of the Employee Assistance and Ombudsman Office or explore other legal avenues, your lawyer can help ensure you get the full medical attention you need for your workplace injury.

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