Traumatic Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle AccidentsOwning a motorcycle can be one of the most exciting hobbies in life, especially in Florida where the weather is favorable for a motorcycle ride throughout the year. But, owning a motorcycle can also be incredibly dangerous. Even the most skilled and safe motorcycle riders can wind up being involved in an accident.

The most severe motorcycle accidents can cause you to suffer traumatic injuries that change your life forever or force you to relearn how to complete basic life skills. Below are just some of the traumatic injuries caused by motorcycle accidents.

Amputation of an Extremity

One category of traumatic injuries caused by a motorcycle accident is when an extremity is either amputated in the crash or needs to be amputated in the hospital because of the severity of the injury to it. An extremity is an arm, hand, leg or foot. Since motorcycle riders do not have any protection from the elements like people riding in motor vehicles, they are more susceptible to suffering an amputation injury or the need to have an extremity amputated at the hospital.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBI, is another category of traumatic injuries that a motorcycle rider can suffer in an accident. A TBI can occur whether or not a motorcycle rider is wearing a helmet at the time of a crash. The sheer impact of the collision with another vehicle can cause severe brain damage. A TBI can lead to permanent paralysis, lifelong disabilities, and other medical problems that you might not ever be able to recover from in Florida.


It is also possible for a motorcycle rider to be impaled by an object when involved in a motorcycle accident. A street sign, object from the striking vehicle, or other debris could wind up impaling a rider of a motorcycle. It all depends on the speed, force, and other mitigating factors of the crash. Impalement can lead to paralysis, disability, blindness, a brain injury and even death.

Road Rash and Other Burns

Motorcycle riders fear suffering an injury known as road rash. Road rash is much like a rug burn, but it is much more extreme. Road rash occurs when a rider is thrown from their motorcycle and then slides across the pavement or the sidewalk. This often happens at incredible force and speed, often leading to burns and rashes all over the body. This injury can be so severe that it could require the victim to go through skin grafting and other procedures to treat the burns.

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Last Updated: 14 May, 2019

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