How the National Opioid Crisis Is Impacting the Workers’ Compensation System

The National Council on Compensation Insurance recently published a report that highlights the impact the national opioid crisis has had on the United States’ workers’ compensation system. Researchers found that injured workers who were prescribed at least one prescription in 2016 received three times as many opioid prescriptions. Yet, doctors believe that while the opioid crisis has been costly, the workers’ compensation system is still better equipped at handling the opioid epidemic than the general public. This is largely due to better adherence to treatment plans, coupled with the regular drug testing of injured workers. Read More

Could a Pre-Existing Condition Affect Your Ability to Collect Workers’ Compensation in Florida?

Under Florida workers’ compensation laws, all workers are entitled to lost wages and medical benefits after an on-the-job injury. Unfortunately, if you have been injured at work, having a pre-existing illness or injury can significantly complicate your ability to collect workers’ compensation benefits. This is especially true if your pre-existing injury happens to be medically related to your current on-the-job illness or injury. Read More

Industrial Accidents and Workplace Falls Especially High Among Latinos

Recently, a West Palm Beach worker sustained life-threatening injuries when he fell 30 feet from a business rooftop onto asphalt. The worker was taken to a local medical center as a trauma patient and investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) were called in to investigate the accident and determine how it occurred. Read More

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