Texting Now Trumps DUI As the Leading Cause of Teenage Deaths

A decade ago no parent could have anticipated texting overtaking drunk driving as the number one threat to the lives of their teens on the road. More deaths of teenagers have been caused by texting than driving, according to reports. How many? 3,000 as a result of texting versus 2,700 resulting from driving drunk. These statistics are undeniably sad and worrisome — many teenagers do not even drink, let alone drive while drunk, but you would be hard pressed to find one that does not text while driving, at least a portion of the time. Read More

Driver Distractions That Pose the Greatest Risk

Driver distractions result in accidents, injuries, fatalities and property damage every day — being aware of these distractions and eliminating them keeps you and others safe. It is your legal responsibility as a driver to maintain your duty of care towards other motorists. In fact, it only takes five seconds of not paying attention to your driving to cause an accident. This amount of time is the generally accepted amount that passes between a driver taking their eyes off the road and causing an accident, according to studies such as those conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. Read More

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