Disabled Veterans May Soon be Eligible for Zero Wait Period Social Security Disability Benefits

The country is now involved in the longest war in American history. This war effort, along with the increased survival rate of combat injuries, has contributed to a rising number of disabled veterans. The number of disabled veterans has increased since the beginning of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to nearly three million — an increase of approximately 25%. Read More

Will My Sleeping Disorder Qualify Me for Social Security Disability (SSD)?

Unless you’ve faced the challenges that come with a sleep-related breathing disorder, it’s impossible to understand how such a condition can impact your ability to lead a normal life. When you cannot get a good night’s sleep, your body suffers. You can’t renew yourself physically or mentally. Your mind becomes foggy, often unable to concentrate on daily activities and responsibilities. This substantially reduces your quality of life and may result in difficulty maintaining full-time work. Read More

Once I Appeal for SSD Benefits, Is it Over?

It’s natural to be discouraged when you’re initially denied Social Security Disability benefits (SSD). However, a considerable percentage of people are turned down the first time they apply. Although statistics vary by state, it is believed that up to 70 percent of people are denied SSD benefits the first time around. The vast majority of them appeal. If you’ve done so and your appeal has also been denied, don’t worry: You still have options. There will be additional opportunities to appeal the Social Security Administration’s decision. Your success largely depends on whether you have competent legal counsel. Read More

Why Your SSD Application Was Rejected

Apply for Disability Benefits

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be difficult. Many individuals do not enjoy admitting that they need the help, and most are unsure of how to proceed. Unfortunately, though, many who apply for the first time find that their hard-fought application has been turned down. This, sadly, seems to have several causes. Read More

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