Understanding Medical Benefits for a Workers Compensation Claim

If you were recently injured or harmed at work, you might understand how even a minor injury can impact your life and job. The truth is work-related injuries are fairly common and happen every day, especially in the fields of physical labor, such as construction. Read More

Obesity Complicates Worker Compensation Claims

Prevalence in the United States

Obesity is at epidemic proportions in the United States according to data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Over one-third of adults in our country are considered obese. The incidence of obesity varies by state and region with the Southern United States having the highest prevalence. Obesity presents a variety of complicating factors to the already challenging landscape of workers compensation issues. For example: Read More

Changes to Florida Workers Compensation Law

A variety of changes have recently been implemented to worker Compensation law as it is practiced in the state of Florida. In July 2011, Gov. Rick Scott signed HB 1087 into law—a broad, sweeping piece of legislation that changes how cancellations, audits, benefits and other related items are processed. Read More

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