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Whether you have questions about a United States green card visa or other matter, Scott J. Sternberg and Associates, P.A. is an experienced immigration law firm that provides you with answers and high-quality legal service to achieve your goals. With offices in West Palm Beach, Orlando and Boca Raton, we are dedicated to high-quality legal services in all immigration law matters.

With 15 years of experience serving clients with immigration matters, our law firm enjoys a reputation among clients and the community for dedication to the needs of the individuals and families we represent.

Reputable legal assistance with immigration matters in Florida

If you are seeking to begin the immigration process or have already submitted documentation, our legal team provides dedicated and reputable service in the following areas:

  • Visitor visas
  • Student visas
  • Work-based visas
  • Family petitions
  • Family-based green cards
  • Citizenship and naturalization
  • Asylum
  • Temporary protected status
  • Deportation and removal
  • Court representation

For document translation or representation in agency meetings and hearings, we can assist you in English, Spanish, Creole or Portuguese.

Are you seeking a U.S. visa or green card?

U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services administer the processes needed to legally enter the United States to work, study or seek permanent residence. If you want to visit or live in the United States, you are probably interested in a visa or a green card. Differences between the two include the following:

  • Visa. If you want to come to the United States to visit, tour, conduct business or seek education, you will need a nonimmigrant visa. For tourists from certain countries, the Visa Waiver Program allows you to visit the United States without a visa.
  • Green card. If you are interested in permanent residence in the United States, you may seek residency as a family member of a U.S. citizen, through your employment, on humanitarian grounds or through other specialized residency processes.

Individuals under certain circumstances can be denied admission to visit or reside in the United States, such as the following:

  • People likely to become dependent on government assistance
  • Those with certain types of criminal convictions or associations
  • People with certain communicable diseases
  • Individuals with mental disorders that may be of harm to others or themselves

U.S. immigration policies and procedures are complicated. Our legal team provides clear guidance about the services you are interested in and the information you will need to provide. We also provide strong legal representations if you seek immigration for humanitarian reasons, have been denied entry or are facing deportation.

If you have questions concerning immigration law in the United States, we offer reputable, straightforward information and skilled representation.

Skilled legal assistance with immigration issues in Florida

With offices in West Palm Beach, Orlando and Boca Raton, Scott J. Sternberg and Associates, P.A. is dedicated to offering high-quality legal service with visa, green card and other immigration law matters.

We offer evening and weekend appointments when needed. Contact us online or at 561..5660 for a consultation.



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