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What to Do If You Need Surgery for A Workers’ Compensation Injury?

Florida Workers Compensation Injury
Florida Workers Compensation Injury

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation injuries are all too common and can lead to further pain, treatment costs and delayed recovery, if you do not get help sooner rather than later. Depending on the extent of your injuries, your physician may recommend surgery for your workers’ comp injury relatively quickly after you have sustained the injury itself.

Aside from reporting the injury immediately to your employer, you also need to consult with your own medical professionals about whether or not this surgery is in your best interest.

It can also be extremely frustrating if your physician has made you aware of the fact that surgery is necessary or strongly recommended in your case, but the workers’ compensation insurance has denied the claim.

This can lead to unnecessary suffering and delays and other problems in your case and necessitates working with an experienced Florida workers’ compensation attorney immediately. One new study indicates that the hospital surgery rates associated with workers’ compensation injuries can vary dramatically.

Outpatient surgeryOutpatient surgery paid for by workers’ compensation can be extremely different from one state to another, when looking at states that have fixed fee schedules and lower surgery cost for injured workers. Workers’ compensation costs can also be significantly different for common procedures as it relates to Medicare.

A recent report identified that hospital outpatient payments for each surgical episode vary significantly across states. States that had no workers’ compensation fee schedules for hospital outpatient procedures had higher hospital outpatient funds provided for each individual episode compared with those states that had fixed amount fee schedules.

States with no workers’ compensation fee schedules had payments up to 150% higher than the median of states with fixed amount fee schedules. It can be extremely difficult to figure out your next steps if a doctor is recommending surgery, but the workers’ compensation insurance is hesitating to move forward with this. Going forward with surgery may be expensive even if you have qualified health insurance.

Consulting with a team of medical professionals and keeping notes from all of your meetings with doctors and with insurance representatives is essential. You may need to hire a Florida workers’ compensation attorney to represent your interests and to put together medical records and other evidence that supports the complexity and severity of your disability.

Unfortunately, getting approved for workers’ compensation benefits is often more difficult than people realize. Those individuals who have sustained a workplace injury in Florida may assume that workers’ compensation benefits will pay out relatively quickly because it is clear that the accident happened on the job.

Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case. In fact, if the workers’ compensation insurance delays payments of necessary treatments or makes it otherwise difficult for you to be approved for benefits, this can add an additional hassle in your life when you already have enough on your plate.

This is why it is strongly recommended that you hire a Florida workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible after you have sustained your injury. In an ideal world, your claim would be approved immediately and you would have no challenges with your employer going forward.

Sadly, in reality things do not always look this simple or black and white and this is why you need someone advocating for your best interests.

Bear in mind that your employer has interests as far as their insurance rates and the insurance company has a reason to deny or minimize all prospective claims. This means that outside of working with an experienced Florida workers’ compensation attorney, you don’t have anyone advocating for your best interests.

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Consult with An Expert West Palm Beach Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

This is why it is recommended that you hire an attorney you can trust as soon as possible after facing a workplace injury. He or she may be able to tell you more about how the process works and timelines that you can expect as far as waiting to hear back on approval or denial or your claim and what to do in the event that your claim is denied.

Hiring the right Florida workers’ compensation attorney may have a significant impact on your understanding of the case and your ability to receive these necessary benefits as soon as possible.

Learn more about filing a workers’ comp claim in Florida here: https://www.sternberglawoffice.com/keep-tips-when-filing-workers-compensation-claim/
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