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Motorcycle Safety Myths to Avoid

Motorcycle Safety 1
Motorcycle Safety 1

Being injured in a motorcycle accident can lead to catastrophic pain, suffering and many other negative outcomes. Riding a motorcycle in Florida is an extremely popular activity and it’s a great way to get out and enjoy the weather and the open roads of Florida.

However, not taking motorcycle safety rules seriously or falling for any number of safety myths can put you at risk of being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Read on to learn more about some of the most common myths surrounding motorcycle safety.

Drivers Don’t Care About Motorcyclists

Although sometimes it might feel like other drivers simply don’t see you or aren’t giving you enough space on the road or even paying attention, remember that you can be completely hidden by the roof pillars on the car, glare or other items on the road. Sometimes drivers really don’t even know that you’re there.

It is true, however, that not all drivers will be thinking about looking for motorcycles. You have to make sure that you do not fall within a driver’s blind spot and that you also obey all road rules and laws to protect yourself from being injured severely.

If You’re Headed for a Crash, Lay the Bike Down

If you lose control or over brake on the bike, you might have heard the advice to lay the bike down. However, you can minimize your speed before hitting something with effectively braking as opposed to sliding down the road on your side.

You could expose yourself to severe injuries if you attempt to lay the bike down while you’re still on it. If you’re still on the bike and you attempt to lay the motorcycle down, you could actually be thrown over the vehicle or other item you collide with and sustain a serious impact on your body.

Wearing a Helmet Exposes You to a Higher Risk of a Broken Neck

While it is true that you’ll put more weight on the end of your neck if you are thrown off the bike, the energy absorbent qualities associated with your motorcycle helmet actually help to absorb this energy that protects you from a broken neck in a crash.

Studies have already demonstrated that motorcycle riders wearing a helmet are less likely to suffer neck injuries in a crash.

An Experience Rider Should Be Able to Handle Anything

Although it’s certainly true that experience can translate to better confidence and ability to handle the bike, the most skilled rider in the world, however, isn’t going to do much different when a vehicle pulls out in front of him or her or another reckless or distracted driver causes an accident.

In these situations, you have split seconds in order to respond in any way and even an experienced rider won’t be able to stop the impact of a crash. That’s what makes safety gear like helmets all the more important.

I’m Safer Riding on Smaller Streets When Compared with Interstates

You might be thinking that taking your bike at a slower speed makes it safer but that’s only true after an accident has already started to happen. A controlled access roadway like an interstate or a highway is automatically safer because all of the traffic on your side of the road is going the same way.

There are also fewer intersections, pedestrians or side streets where someone can enter the roadway suddenly.

I Need a Loud Pipe in Order to Prevent Accidents

While there are situations where your loud pipes might help a driver notice that you’re sharing the road with him or her, all that noise doesn’t help you significantly when it comes to preventing crashes.

Research studies have shown that any motorcycle with a modified exhaust system is more likely to crash when compared with those equipped with stock pipes.

Motorcycle Safety: Consult with an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

If you’re really concerned about saving lives and making sure that other drivers on the roadway see you, a bold colored jacket or a bright helmet color can accomplish the same goal much more effectively.

If you have already been injured in a motorcycle accident in West Palm Beach , consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney can help you to protect your rights and ensure that you have someone fighting for you to receive compensation for the injuries you have sustained.

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