Landscape Contractor Injury Lawyers

Many landscape workers are employees. However, some are independent contractors who choose to work for themselves. They do their work in extreme weather conditions in a bid to provide for their loved ones. Many use heavy-duty machinery and specialized tools every day. In short, their work is often physical and labor-intensive.

Unfortunately, landscape workers are susceptible to severe injuries in their line work. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 200 landscape service workers die every year as a result of workplace-related injuries. These figures are startling!

It is critical to understand the legal options available if you or your loved one gets injured while undertaking a landscaping project. That is where Sternberg | Forsythe P.A., comes in.

We take the initiative to ensure that you get compensated on time for your injuries. If you are a contractor, we also make sure that workers are always protected in the unfortunate event of a workplace accident or injury.

We shall take you through the whole process from filing your claim to compensation.

Obtaining adequate compensation for an injury sustained while working on a landscaping project is often a complex process. The best you can do is to have an attorney help you file your claim.

Landscaping Industry Risks

There are many causes of fatalities and injuries in the landscaping industry. CDC divides these causes into the following categories:

  • Transportation-Related Injuries – Landscaping workers often travel to different locations to serve their clients. Transportation-related injuries occur in the course of their travels. It can happen as they transport machinery and tools or when traveling to a site.
  • Contact With Equipment Injuries – They occur when landscaping workers are struck against or struck by caught in or compressed by landscaping equipment. This can happen while a worker is using machinery to trim trees, clear an area, digging or mowing. Reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that about 60% of contact related landscape worker deaths are a result of being hit by objects like trees, branches, or logs.
  • Workplace falls –They occur when workers fall off ladders or tumble out of trees. A broken safety line or a cut or a tree branch breaking are examples of workplace falls identified by ILS. Falls can also occur after a worker stumbles, trips, and falls.
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures, electrical currents, or dangerous substances – BLS reports that 20% of deaths amongst landscape workers in the U.S. are caused by exposure to harmful substances. Electrocution, after a landscape worker comes into contact with an overhead power line, falls under this category.

Besides, BLS reports many non-fatal injuries amongst landscape workers are caused by excess stress and overexertion on the body. Digging, twisting, lifting, and turning are all actions that landscapers subject their bodies to every day. Unfortunately, even non-fatal injuries can result in chronic pain and, in some cases, permanent impairment.

At Scott J. Sternberg & Associates P.A., we understand what it means to suddenly stay out of work and put up with pain after a landscape injury. We are there to help you file a claim and get compensated within the shortest time possible.

Your Options for Quickly Recovering Monetary Damages

Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

You may be eligible to file a worker’s compensation claim if you are an employee. Unfortunately, this option is not available to independent contractors. Remember that it does not matter where you were when you got injured. You can still make a worker’s compensation claim if your lawyer can prove that your work was a direct cause of your injuries.

You do not have to prove that your employer was negligent or did anything wrong, which contributed to your injury. That’s because worker’s compensation benefits are designed to make sure that medical bills are covered. They are also designed to make sure permanent impairment does not plunge you into financial ruin.

You are entitled to have your bills paid in full. You are also entitled to wage loss and disability loss benefits if you are forced to take time off for recovery.

Suing a Third Party

You can file a personal injury claim against a non-employer or a third party if you feel they should be held accountable for your injuries. Your attorney will have to prove that the third party owed you a duty of care. The party should have then breached that duty such that you got injured. Only then can you be entitled to damages or compensation.

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