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Employees’ Rights in the Worker Compensation Process

The Florida Division of Worker Compensation provides a website that offers Florida Worker comprehensive information about the workers compensation benefits program and Worker rights and responsibilities.

The staff of the Florida Bureau of Employees Assistance and Ombudsman office (EAO) can help you resolve issues that arise in the Worker compensation process and answer your questions. You can send your questions to the EAO via email: wceao@myfloridacfo.com

The Florida Worker Compensation website has information about the following:

  • Medical benefits — You will find “Dos and Don’ts” about seeking medical treatment for your workplace injury.
  • Replacement for lost wages — Find out how long you can receive benefits and how much you can expect to receive. The amount will depend upon the nature of your injury or illness.
  • Reemployment services — Once your injury has healed or your condition is not expected to improve, you are eligible for reemployment services. These are designed to help injured workers find a new job or a new line of work if their injury prevents them from doing the job where they were injured.
  • Protection of your personal information — If you are a member of an exempt occupational group such as active or former law enforcement, the judiciary or another protected occupation, your personal records will be protected from public disclosure.

The Worker compensation application is fairly straightforward, and most people do not need to hire an attorney unless their claim for benefits has been denied, or unless they have suffered a significant injury that is disabling or permanent. In that case, an attorney can help make sure that you get all the benefits you are entitled to, and he or she can help expedite your appeal.

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