Are You Being Bullied by Your Insurance Company?

With slogans suggesting neighborliness and camaraderie, insurance companies often position themselves as a person’s best friend in a time of need. And while many insurance companies can provide valuable service for those dealing with unfortunate situations, you may find that an insurance company is less than enthusiastic about helping you when times are tough.

For instance, an insurance company may not assist you in making appointments with physicians or explain to you candidly what kind of claims you can expect to be covered and which you will be responsible for on your own.

If you’re not getting the service you want from your insurance company, you should know that you don’t have to put up with being bullied. In such a situation, your best advocate is your attorney. Having a professional who is in a position of authority demonstrates that you are serious about being treated with respect and that you won’t back down from asserting your rights.

Insurance agreements are legally binding agreements, so working with a legal professional helps ensure that you receive the benefits to which you are entitled and are not tricked or pressured out of services.

Because every situation is unique and few legal documents are straightforward, having a lawyer guide you through any interaction with your insurance company is crucial. While an insurance agent may feel comfortable bullying a claimant who does not have legal representation, having a lawyer forces your insurance agent to act responsibly and adhere to the terms of your agreement.

Given the choice between potentially costly litigation and providing you with the benefits you and your attorney request, an insurance company is much more likely to comply than invite litigation. Don’t wait until it is too late — contact your attorney as soon as your insurance company mistreats you.

Last Updated: 9 July, 2012

Category: Florida Workers Compensation Injury



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