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8 Common Injuries to Medical Professionals

Common Injuries to Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals rank at the top of the list of experts with the most challenging as well as risky jobs. They are exposed to diseases and germs, and their work often involves physical labor that may lead to injuries. As a healthcare worker, you should therefore be aware of common injuries so that you’ll be able to recognize them and then make a worker’s compensation claim. Physical injuries may include bruises, concussions, and broken bones. Here are other common injuries you’re likely to contend with as a medical professional.

1. Slip and Fall Injuries

Many dangers in a hospital can make a healthcare worker trip, slip, or fall. Spilled liquids, patient bodily fluids, or leaking IV fluids and mop water residue could create a slippery walking surface, just like damaged flooring in hallways and patient rooms. Loose cords, wires, medical tubing, and hoses can also contribute to a fall, resulting in fractures, broken bones, concussions, and muscle tears.

2. Illness Exposure

As noted by the CDC, healthcare workers have a greater risk of contact with infectious ailments, meaning they greatly risk getting serious illnesses. Serious illnesses may include AIDS, Influenza, Tuberculosis, and Ebola. Getting infected with any of these illnesses can cause a lengthy battle with the ailment. Knowing these injuries and illnesses is crucial to ensure that you secure the justice you deserve in case you suffer.

3. Data Entry Injuries

Medical professionals may be responsible for vast amounts of data entry in finalizing and updating healthcare records and reports. A big part of their job can be spent sitting at a computer entering data into patient files. And when so much time is spent working at the computer, it can result to back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other related injuries.

4. Back Injuries

The nature of work done by medical professionals involves a lot of twisting, heavy lifting, bending, and quick movements, resulting in injuries such as back pain. Transferring and rescuing patients from one position to another or from one place to another requires rotations, flexions, and non-neutral postures that put a lot of stress on your spinal cord and back muscles.

5.  Violence

Healthcare personnel is at great risk of being assaulted at work. Patients, their friends, and family members can all become aggressive or combative in times of grief or stress. Again, the patient population may include violent criminals who have been kept on criminal hold pending recuperation, patients with psychiatric disorders, and patients who have taken illicit drugs that have made their behavior unpredictable. Hospitals are also recurrent targets for robberies by people seeking drugs.

6. Contact with Objects

Hospitals contain a variety of sharp objects that could cause lacerations or puncture wounds to a healthcare worker. Contact with needles, broken glass, surgical instruments, and other sharp objects are some of the most common healthcare injuries.

7. Understaffing

A number of hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes may be understaffed due to budget limitations as well as the shortage of qualified care providers. Understaffing can enhance the risk of a variety of injuries due to the pressure to work faster and the absence of enough support to assist with tasks like patient transfers.

8. Burns

In the case of a raging fire, medical practitioners are at a high risk of burns since they are responsible for saving patients in emergencies, including associating closely with the fire.

Bottom-Line on Medical Professional Workplace Injuries

As a medical specialist, it may be difficult to assume the place of a patient and seek the treatment you require following a workplace accident. Notwithstanding, continuing to work when you’re hurt, tired, or stressed may compromise the safety of your patients. If you or your loved ones happen to sustain any of the above healthcare work injuries, you have a right to file for workers’ compensation. This will cover part of your paycheck and pay for your medical expenses while you’re off your feet.

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