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6 Tips for Hosting a Safe Pool Party This Summer

Safe Pool Party
Safe Pool Party

As school gets out, the pool parties kick up. This means fun in the sun! If you are thinking about taking advantage of the warm weather and hosting a pool party, then you need to make sure you are the epitome of safety as a host. As the host and owner of a swimming pool, you are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for everyone who visits your home.

Implement Pool Safety Rules

Set strict pool safety and usage rules and have them posted at your pool. Make sure everyone who visits your home and uses the pool reviews those rules and keeps them in mind. If anyone disobeys, be sure to reiterate the pool rules and/or ask them to leave the pool area until they can follow the rules.

Use Floaties for Small Children

Small children, including those who have some swimming skills, should have flotation devices on just to be safe. Parents should still supervise while children are using these devices, regardless of whether or not the child can swim.

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Require Swim Diapers

Small children who are not potty trained must wear swim diapers. Pool contamination is a safety concern as bacteria and/or other waste materials can make others who use your pool sick.

Assign a Supervisor

There should always be an adult supervising children and other adults in the pool. Make sure to take turns supervising and the adult in charge cannot leave the pool area until they are relieved by another.

No Drinking and Swimming Allowed

There should be no alcohol use and swimming allowed. The adult supervising others should also be sober and looking out for other swimmers. It is easy for swimmers to lose consciousness in the pool or accidentally drown from too much alcohol consumption.

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Stock Up on Water

Hot summer days require lots of drinking water. Make sure every guest stays hydrated and have children take breaks to drink water and rest outside of the pool for a few hours to avoid dehydration.

Injured in a Pool Accident? You Need a West Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a child was injured in a swimming pool accident due to poor maintenance or supervision, then you may be entitled to a settlement. Meet with the attorneys at Sternberg | Forsythe, P.A. today for a free consultation to assess your case. We can tell you right away if you have a valid claim and can start working on that claim from the moment we meet.

Tips for hosting a safe pool party this summer

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