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5 Tips to Avoid Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries
Workplace Injuries

Whether you are an employee or employer, you know that workplace injuries cost money. Not only will they lower your productivity, but they could essentially bankrupt a business, especially if the company was found negligent.

While you cannot control every single aspect within the workplace, there are things you can do to reduce the chances and risks of a workplace injury.

Vehicle Safety

According to OSHA, workplace driving accidents account for $60 billion each year. There are ways you can train and keep your employees safe while on the road, including:

  • Maintaining all company vehicles and performing regular inspections.
  • Making sure employees check the safety of the vehicle before they drive.
  • Only allowing employees with clean driving records to use company vehicles.
  • Establishing a safe-driving policy for all employees using company vehicles.

Protect Against Extreme Conditions

Some jobs require people to work in extreme hot or cold environments. These temperatures can result in serious injuries or illnesses. Some things you can to do prevent injuries include:

  • Wearing the proper number of layers for cold temperatures or having employees supplied with a uniform that protects them from the cold.
  • Installing on-site heating devices.
  • Decreasing the number of hours worked in cold temperatures and having more split shifts.
  • Not allowing employees with preexisting conditions to work in extreme heat.
  • Making sure to stay hydrated while working in the heat.
  • Creating a cool-off area for employees who have been in the sun and heat working on strenuous or arduous tasks.

Personal Protective Equipment

Employers should supply personal protective equipment and train their employees on how to use it. That includes in-person training as well as having a policy and procedures manual that spells out how this equipment should be used on the job.

Employees should wear that equipment to limit injury. If your equipment is worn or outdated, let your employer know and get updated equipment right away.

Report Issues

Employers cannot repair dangerous issues if they do not know about them. Never assume your employer knows about a dangerous working condition; instead, be proactive in reporting it to them. That way if you are injured, you have it on the record that you reported the possibility of a dangerous situation.

Fix Issues

As an employer, you are required to fix any possible workplace hazards. If an employee reports a hazard, then fix it right away or within a reasonable timeframe to reduce the likelihood someone is injured. If you ignore dangerous work situations, then you could be held liable for the employee’s injury or even face a personal lawsuit for wrongful death.

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