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3 Common Restaurant Worker Injuries

3 Common Restaurant Worker Injurie
3 Common Restaurant Worker Injurie

Working in the restaurant industry is no picnic. Not only do restaurant and food service workers have to deal with long, odd hours, but they face many dangers on a daily basis. Even the safest restaurant is bound to encounter an injury or two each year. But, most restaurants tend to take a reactive approach to safety, meaning they don’t implement safety policies until someone is actually injured.

Restaurants and employees need to be on the lookout for unsafe conditions, especially when it comes to these three most common injuries.

Burns or Scalds

From the boiling hot water on the stove to deep fryers and hot grills, there are a lot of dangerous objects in a restaurant kitchen. Restaurant workers are prone to burns and scalds, ranging from minor to third degree. In most cases, burns occur because an employee is too overwhelmed to practice safety procedures.

In a kitchen, workers need to be aware of their surroundings. And, management needs to ensure kitchens are not too crowded, but that there are enough staff members to maintain an average meal-time load.


Restaurant workers are in constant contact with slicers, knives, glasses and broken dishes. It is important that restaurant workers know the basics of knife safety, but also that there is adequate training on how employees should handle broken dishes and glasses.

Slip and Fall Injuries

There are a lot of spills in the restaurant industry, and because of the fast-paced nature of the job, these spills are not always cleaned up right away. From slipping and falling near the dishwashing section to falling in the cold storage room, there are many potential slip and fall opportunities around the kitchen.

Workers’ Compensation Does Not Always Cover Injuries

Sometimes burns and slip and fall injuries are more extensive than what workers’ compensation can cover. In fact, permanent disability could occur in a serious kitchen accident. While workers’ compensation claims should be filed first, restaurant workers are entitled to seek additional compensation for injuries not covered as well as pain and suffering.

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