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Research Shows That Work Incentive and Reward Programs Can Help to Improve Work Safety and Decrease Work Accidents

Florida Work Safety
Florida Work Safety

Unfortunately, accidents on the job impact all different industries and can leave an injured employee suffering the impacts for many years to come. According to research from the National Safety Council, approximately 13,000 employees in the United States are injured every single day on the job.

The sad news is that all of these injuries are preventable. These statistics are disheartening and staggering, especially when you consider the potential impacts that a training program, reward program and workplace safety education can have on minimizing these accident numbers.

It is essential to both have these programs and to motivate employees to use the workplace safety protocols they learned in their job.

Employers Who Care About Employee Safety Reap Many Benefits

Research analyzed by the National Safety Council indicates that employers who show they care about employee safety see the benefits in many different ways. For example, employees may contribute in terms of increased productivity, reduced cost, better morale and fewer injuries.

One of the best ways to show appreciation from employers to employees is to provide incentives and other motivation for employees who attend workplace safety training sessions as well as recognizing those employees when they meet service or safety milestones.

This can help to encourage the importance of safety across all aspects of the business and show that it is something that the company prides themselves on.

Safety Awareness Decreases Accidents

Having a clear set of safety rules and encouraging employees to adopt in and feel motivated by this program can go a long way. Plenty of research has indicated that employees love tangible rewards.

Recognizing their critical achievements and safety can go a long way towards reinforcing any safe behaviors as well as showing appreciation when milestones and safety goals are achieved.

Data from the Performance Improvement Council shows that individuals who are asked why they chose to leave their jobs frequently name compensation and lack recognition as the top two reasons regardless of the economic conditions in the industry or the position.

One of the most important things that employers can do to minimize accidents on the job is to provide recognition of safety milestones achieved in a timely manner. This can happen during key annual events that are company-wide or on the spot.

This helps to show employees that they are being rewarded for safety. Ultimately, minimizing the number of accidents on the job pay off for everyone.

Employees benefit from lower job risks and the opportunity to stay healthy in the workplace. Employers benefit from increased productivity and lower costs associated with workers’ compensation claims.

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What to Do If You Have Recently Been Injured On the Job

If you have recently sustained a workplace injury, one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself is to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney.

Partnering with a workers’ compensation attorney gives you a clear overview of the responsibilities of handling your situation going forward and allows you to be protected in the event that the employer retaliates against an employee.

All employees have rights to file a workers’ compensation claim and to discuss options for recovery if they are injured on the job.

Unfortunately, some employers may take advantage of the lack of awareness that employees have about their position and may try to make the employee feel as though he or she should not file a claim.

You should never avoid filing a claim because of fear of discrimination or retaliation from your employer.

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Consult to an Expert Florida Workers Compensation Attorney Today

These acts are prohibited and may lead to additional legal claims against the employer. Just to ensure that your rights are fully protected, consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible after you have been injured on the job.

In addition to filing a timely report with your employer, this can be a key step forward to protect yourself and a great place to get your questions answered when you are concerned about how your case will unfold in the workers’ compensation process. Only an experienced West Palm Beach workers’ compensation attorney should be engaged.

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