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8 Common Workers’ Compensation Injuries You Need to Know

Workers Compensation Injuries 1
Workers Compensation Injuries 1

Accidents are always going to happen at work. Although we try to prevent them in most situations, some accidents are simply unavoidable. Thankfully, the workers’ compensation system has you covered if you are injured at work in Florida.

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system that allows workers to recover benefits and medical expenses related to any injury that resulted from their job. It is a great system because it allows employees to get the medical care they need after an accident without having to prove that the employer did anything wrong.


Common Work Injuries

For some workers, they assume that if they are hurt at work, they just have to “suffer through” and move on. This is definitely not the case. If you have been injured at work, then you may be entitled to benefits.

To get an idea of what a workers’ compensation case might involve, consider some of the most common workers’ compensation injuries that we see on a regular basis.

1. Overexertion from lifting, pulling, carrying, pushing, or twisting: This is by far the most common type of work-related injury. Employers sometimes do not provide the right resources to workers so employees can avoid this type of injury—like extra help, carts or dollies, or less rushed deadlines or expectations.

2. Falls: Slipping and falling is far more common at work than that you might think. Even falls on a level surface can do serious damage, but a fall from any type of height can result in severe injuries. Slippery floors are commonly to blame, but poor maintenance can also be a cause.

3. Bodily reaction: This type of injury occurs when you are climbing, reaching, sitting, standing, or bending, but you do not fall. You may try to catch yourself, causing injuries. Knees, wrists, and elbows are commonly affected in this type of injury.

4. Struck by an object: In construction areas in particular, there are often people working overhead. If you are working beneath them, then you run the risk of something falling on you and causing injury. You can also be struck by an object in any number of other situations, including where equipment or supplies are being moved.

5. Highway accidents: Workers are commonly asked to run errands for their employer. Some employees, like truck drivers and delivery workers, only work while in a vehicle. The roads are a dangerous place, and that danger does not stop when you clock in.

6. Machinery accidents: If you are working with heavy machinery, then you run the risk of being in its way while it is running. Some clients tell us about catching their hands, feet, or arms in equipment, and it causes serious, life-altering damage.

7. Repetitive motion: Doing the same activities day in and day out is damaging on your body. Unfortunately, in both factory and office settings, this type of repetitive movement is a job requirement. After years (or even months!) of doing the same activity over and over, you may develop chronic pain, stiffness, or numbness in a particular area of your body.

8. Workplace violence: Your employer can still be liable through workers’ compensation if you have experienced violence from another person while at work. Unfortunately, shootings and assaults can still happen while you are on the job.

Meet an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney Florida

Florida workers’ compensation attorney covers injuries of all shapes and sizes. As long as you meet specified requirements and file your workers’ compensation claim thoroughly and correctly, then you be able to acquire workers’ comp benefits for medical bills and lost wages.

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