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Benefits Available Under Worker Comp

Being involved in an accident at work can be a stressful time in your life, especially when you aren’t sure what to expect in terms of workers compensation benefits. That is why it is important to educate yourself about the amount of money coming in until you are able to return to work. In addition to lost wages, you may also be eligible to receive payment for mileage reimbursement, medical expenses and other miscellaneous expenses.

Temporary total disability is the term used to describe your inability to perform your normal job functions or those of any other job. With this type of disability, you are expected to make a full recovery and return to your regular job at some point in the future. For the duration of your temporary total disability, you are entitled to receive two-thirds of your normal weekly salary. Since amounts do vary by state, it is important to consult with a Florida workers compensation attorney in to ensure you receive the full benefits that are payable to you.

Temporary partial disability is when you are able to return to work in some capacity, but you can’t perform at the level you could before the workplace injury occurred. The benefit amount you can claim under worker’s Compensation laws is two-thirds of the difference between you present salary and what you were earning prior to the injury. You must be working in order to obtain this benefit.

The most severe type of workplace injury is permanent disability. If you are permanently disabled, you can no longer perform the functions of your job. Also, your injuries must prevent you from being able to obtain training for any type of job. For permanent disabilities, you should obtain a lawyer to ensure that you receive adequate Compensation for life.

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