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Workers’ Comp Rates Change: What This Means for Florida Workers

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Your workers’ compensation rate is determined by your average weekly wages at your current employment.

However, your employer is only obligated to pay your benefits up to a certain amount. If your weekly average wage is very high, then you may only get a portion of your wages because your weekly benefits will reach the maximum amount allowed under Florida law.

You can find out more about your workers’ compensation rates by providing wage information to your workers’ comp lawyer, and by checking out this site here.

Basic Benefit Rates in Florida

To calculate your average weekly rate, your employer will look at the previous 13 weeks of your employment. If you have 13 weeks of continuous prior employment, then your employer will simply add all of your wages together and divide by 13.

Your benefit rate is then roughly 66 percent of your average weekly wage. The number of dependents that you have and your marital status will also affect your actual benefit rate.

This basic calculation will need to be adjusted if you took any of the following:

  • vacation time
  • sick pay
  • or were otherwise unavailable to work your regular hours

Generally, your employer will simply look at the prior week and replace the irregular week to find a 13-week average.

If you have not been employed for 13 weeks with your current employer, then your employer may have to either:

  • Take the weeks that you were employed to find an average
  • Otherwise, the employer may also look to a “similar” employee to compare what his or her wages have been for the past 13 weeks

New Benefit Rates in Florida

Florida does have a minimum benefit amount, but is one of the lowest in the country at $20.00 per week. The maximum benefit rate may be more important for some workers.

New Benefit Rates in FloridaEvery year, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity determines the statewide average weekly wage for all Florida workers. This report is based on employer reports of what they are paying their employees. Only those employers that are subject to the Florida’s workers’ compensation laws will report this information.

The new rate that is effective as of January 1, 2016 is $863.00 because the average weekly wage for the State of Florida is $862.51.

This rate will apply to anyone that is injured after January 1, 2016. Those who have already been awarded workers’ compensation benefits will not have any change in their benefit amounts. This is partly because the benefit rate is determined at the time of the injury.

West Palm Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyer – Working for You!

Workers’ compensation can be a complex issue—and one that requires a lot of process, paperwork, and patience. In fact, some individuals find workers’ comp laws in Florida frustrating, confusing, and overwhelming. This is just a few reasons why it’s a good idea to work with a West Palm Beach workers’ compensation attorney for your claim.

For more information about potential workers’ compensation rates, contact an experienced workers’ comp lawyer. He or she will be able to tell you what you should be receiving from your employer or workers’ compensation insurance company.

Visit here to get started with a West Palm Beach workers’ compensation lawyer today.

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