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Key Steps to Take Following an Auto Accident

West Palm Beach auto accident attorney 1
West Palm Beach auto accident attorney 1

An auto accident can be one of the most stressful situations to encounter. Not only will you be shaken up and emotional, but you have to compose yourself long enough to assess the damage and make sure you’re adequately compensated. No one plans to be involved in an accident, but also no one prepares for the possibility either. As a driver, you need to know your rights and most importantly, what to do following an auto accident.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, drivers should take a few key steps immediately after they have been involved in an accident.

Always Be Prepared

Long before you are ever involved in an accident, you need to ensure you are prepared. All registration, inspection and insurance information should be kept in the glove compartment of your vehicle. Also, you should know exactly what your auto insurance covers, such as roadside assistance and towing.

Key Steps to Take Following Your Accident

  • Document the DamageEven though you are shaken up, you need to evaluate and document the damage as quickly as possible. Use your smart phone or other device to take pictures, or keep a disposable camera in your car so that you can take photos if an accident does ever occur.
  • Call the Police There are hundreds of unreported auto accidents each year. But, by not filing a police report you risk the other party claiming false information. The only way you can protect yourself is by filing an official police report and getting the details on the record. Even if the other party refuses, contact the police immediately following the accident.
  • Collect Information Collect whatever information you can from every witness and involved party. The more information you collect, the easier it will be to process your accident claim with your insurer, but also in the event you need to file a suit, you will have the necessary information to contact witnesses for your case.
  • Speak to an Attorney If you are in an automobile accident that was not your fault, you should consult an attorney. While your insurance company will work hard to get the damages paid for, an attorney can ensure your losses are fully covered including medical bills and time away from work.

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