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Construction Accidents and Different Options for Recovery in Florida

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Imagine resting in your house, and then a loud crashing construction crane comes crashing through your roof. This happened in September 2019 in North Miami Beach. A crane that was being used nearby during seawall repairs slid off a barge and crashed into the roof of a nearby condominium. Well, crane accidents and construction site accidents have happened in the past. It is important to learn more about these accidents and related legal aspects.

Common causes of construction accidents

Most construction sites in Florida are littered with hazardous materials. To execute various tasks that the projects require, different tools and heavy construction equipment are used. Some tasks are performed at extremely dangerous conditions such as great heights.

Sure, the state and federal laws require employers to maintain safe workplace conditions. Unfortunately, some of them don’t. There are many instances where construction contractors take shortcuts to complete the projects faster and minimize expenses. These are some of the actions that pose a significant risk to local pedestrians and people who work in these areas. Some of the causes of construction accidents include;

  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Insufficient or improper training
  • Ladders, fixtures, and cranes falling from walls or buildings
  • Defective equipment or improper construction
  • Poor safety precautions
  • Improper use of construction tools and equipment

Workplace safety and your rights

Generally, safety measures in all construction sites must rhyme with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standards – OSHA. There are specific standards and precautions for crane operations training scaffolding, fall protection, machinery, ladders, hazard communication, and other elements of construction site operations and projects. Failure to follow the OSHA guidelines is perceived as evidence of negligence in case an accident occurs.

People who suffer injuries due to construction site accidents are entitled to compensation. Unfortunately, most construction companies or their insurers will do all they can to get your injury claim denied or minimize the amount of compensation you are entitled to. If you or any other person you know was involved in these accidents, consult with an attorney.

Compensation options 

You’re entitled to compensation if you suffered injuries and other related issues due to a construction site accident. Note that construction sites have many subcontractors, contractors, and other entities involved in the construction work. That means it is challenging to determine the responsible party. An experienced lawyer can help you figure this out.

Here are the common compensation options for people who suffered injuries in a construction site accident.

Workers’ compensation 

Nearly all employees are required to acquire workers’ compensation insurance. If an employee is injured while on official duty, they can get the compensation that covers medical costs, lost wages, and other damages. These benefits are available regardless of the circumstances associated with the event that caused the injuries.

Personal injury

Though an employee cannot file a personal injury claim against the employer, it is possible to file a claim against third parties whose negligent actions caused the injuries. Personal injury claims are also available to non-employees who suffered injuries on a construction site,

Wrong death 

Did you lose a loved one in a construction accident? It is possible to file a wrongful death claim and seek compensation for your loss.

Product liability

In case a defective product causes injury, you can sue the manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer and seek damages.

If you are battling with issues related to construction site accidents, talk to an experienced lawyer.

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