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6 Common Work Injuries in Miami, FL

Sternberg 6 Common Work Injuries in Miami FL 1
Sternberg 6 Common Work Injuries in Miami FL 1

Injuries can happen anywhere, but the workplace is a particularly common setting. In fact, there are over 4.5 million workplace injuries per year nationwide that result in a loss of over 104 million production days annually.

While accidents happen in all industries, there are some fields that pose a higher risk to employees:

  • Service, including customer service jobs and public service jobs in firefighting and policing
  • Shipping and transportation
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Installation, repair, and maintenance
  • Construction

Sprains and Strains

Muscle strains, sprains, and tears make up a significant amount of work injuries in Miami, FL. These types of injuries can vary greatly in both severity and duration, and are often caused by overexertion or poor lifting technique.

Repetitive Motions

It’s easy to get into a routine in the workplace. Carrying out the same tasks and motions puts you at risk of injuries caused by repetitive motions. Whether you spend your workdays typing, lifting boxes, or assembling products, repeatedly using muscles in the same way can overexert the body and put you at a greater risk of harm. You can minimize the risk of these injuries by taking frequent breaks and maintaining proper positioning while work tasks.

Hit or Compressed by Equipment or Objects

If you work with heavy or large equipment – which is common in manufacturing, repair, and production jobs – it’s essential to use extreme caution and keep your guard up while working with or near machinery. Protect yourself by keeping your distance and following proper operating protocols at all times, even if you think you may save time with shortcuts.

Slips and Trips

Slip and trip injuries are common in Florida workplaces. You may slip on a wet floor, trip over unfamiliar objects, or become injured on an uneven work surface. Workplaces are obligated to use wet floor signs and maintain a safe environment at all times


Falling is prevalent in a wide range of industries, and particularly in construction, manufacturing and transportation. Falls are most often attributed to a failure in personal safety equipment, employee carelessness, uneven work surfaces, or wet floors. These injuries can have severe consequences, since you may hurt yourself even more if you try to catch yourself and break your fall.

Cuts and Lacerations

Lacerations put you at risk of excess bleeding, infection, and nerve damage. If you work with dangerous equipment, maintaining your concentration throughout the workday can protect you from cuts. Becoming complacent puts you at greater risk of skipping safety protocols.

Don’t Let a Workplace Injury Slow You Down

After you get hurt on the job, time is of the essence. It’s important to seek medical attention promptly, properly document the incident, and get legal advice. No matter which industry you work in or how severe your injury is, protect your rights. Call Sternberg | Forsythe, P.A. today at 561-687-5660 to discuss the specifics surrounding your accident.

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