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Common Amusement Park Workers Injuries

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There’s no question that Florida offers more than a few options when it comes to amusement parks. From Universal Studios and LegoLand to the “king” of all amusement parks, Disney World, there are more than a few ways to have fun and enjoy fast-moving rides.

There are thousands of workers who are employed at these parks, with many being younger. Unfortunately, because of their lack of experience with being employed, they may not realize they have rights and may be able to recover compensation if they are injured while on the job. Also, this doesn’t apply to just full-time workers – part-time and seasonal workers may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, as well.

The Fun and Risky Amusement Park Environment

Even though working in an amusement park sounds like a “dream” job to many people, it doesn’t come without risk. Crowds, equipment, and rides all create hazardous situations. This is especially the case if the park owners are not adhering to set regulations and safety requirements.

Like any other employer in the state, the theme park owners are responsible for keeping their workers safe. They must also provide a work environment that is free from safety and health hazards.

Your Right to Stay Safe While on the Job

If you work at an amusement park, your employer has a responsibility to keep you safe. This includes providing proper training, along with ongoing training as your position evolves or if your responsibilities change.

It is also the responsibility of your employer to provide tagout or lockout procedures to help you stay safe. These procedures must meet standards that OSHA set.

Getting to Know the Most Common Causes of Worker Injuries at Amusement Parks

As an amusement park worker, you may be vulnerable to several different types of injuries. These are usually the result of certain situations created by subpar training or minimal safety elements.

Ride Hazards

Some roller coasters and other thrill rides are dangerous by design. However, improper safety protocols, mechanical failures, and defective parts may cause injuries to inspectors, operators, and mechanics.

Weather Conditions

Some people who work in amusement parks have to work in extremely hot and humid conditions. This is especially during the summer months. After all, the average temperature in Florida in the summer is in the 90s.

Because of these conditions, workers may experience heat-related injuries, such as heatstroke. This can become quite serious if you do not receive immediate medical attention.

Slips and Falls

Tripping hazards are everywhere in a crowded amusement park. Also, slippery surfaces and puddles in water parks can cause broken bones and TBIs (traumatic brain injuries).

Heavy Costumes

As children and adults enjoy the amusement parks and seeing their favorite characters up close, the people inside the costumes may be suffering. These costumes weigh a lot, and they can cause spine, back, and head injuries with extended use.

Construction Accidents

Amusement Park owners are constantly searching for ways to make their attractions bigger and better. Because of this, old rides are often demolished for new rides to be built.

Unfortunately, these are active construction zones and full of the same hazards that any other construction site would have. Dangerous vehicles, falling objects, and heavy equipment are just a few of the ways a worker may experience an injury.


Many employees at amusement parks dance and provide other types of entertainment programs for the guests at the park. These performances increase the risk of slip and fall incidents, strains and sprains, and even more serious injuries.

Steps to Take After Being Injured While Working at an Amusement Park

Working at an amusement park has several benefits; however, if you are injured, you can recover compensation for lost wages, medical care, and even pain and suffering caused by the incident. However, to ensure you have the best chance of recovering this compensation, there are a few things you need to do.

  • Go to the doctor (or seek emergency care)
  • Report the injury to your employer
  • Preserve evidence and write down what you remember
  • Talk to a workers’ compensation attorney

The right workers’ compensation attorney can review the facts of the incident and help gather information and evidence needed to ensure the employer’s insurance provider does not deny your case. If this claim is denied for some reason, your attorney will appeal the decision and work to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Contact Us for Help with Your Amusement Park Injury

If you work at an amusement park and you suffer an injury, you have rights. If you need help with your legal situation, be sure to contact our team at the law office of Sternberg Forsythe, P.A. by calling (561) 220-4958. The first step in recovering the compensation you deserve is to schedule a free consultation.

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