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9 Facts You Need to Know About Florida Workers Compensation Before You File a Claim

Florida workers comp claim
Florida workers comp claim

Work-related injuries occur when you anticipate them least. Hurting yourself at work can have a significant impact on both your health and your survival. While worker’s compensation is supposed to ease the stress of work-related injuries, it can be challenging to navigate the claims process. Fortunately, a reliable Orlando worker’s comp attorney can help alleviate any doubt that would obscure your next move in the Florida workers comp claim procedure.

Facts Regarding Worker’s Compensation in Florida

Many people have many difficult inquiries without clear solutions once they get injured on the job. As many deadlines and documentation are required, knowing how to start your compensation process might be tough. In addition, most people are unaware of the complex mix of workers’ compliance regulations and the documents necessary to get benefits in Florida.

Learning some basic information concerning the worker’s compensation claim might benefit you later:

1. The Worker’s Compensation Insurance Company Selects Your Doctor

Many people get surprised to hear that they do not have the right to choose their doctor for treatment after work injury. Specifically, your employer’s compensation insurance company will choose your doctor in the event you pursue an employee compensation claim.

Simultaneously, the insurance company cannot send you to a doctor not trained to treat your injuries. For example, if you experienced a back injury, the insurer can’t force you to see an obstetrician. The doctor must be qualified, educated and trained to treat your injuries competently.

2. You Must Report Your Injury to Your Employer

You should not only disclose your injuries but consider reporting them as soon as possible. However, you may only have a small window to disclose your injuries to your employer, depending on the state you work. For example, injured workers in Florida must inform their employer within 30 days after their injury date.

It is step 1 of the Florida workers’ comp process to notify your employer of your injury. Although it may seem small, it is one of the most important procedures in filing a claim.

3. The Worker Is Protected

Legislation and regulations prevent an employer from terminating an employee to file a worker’s compensation claim. Nevertheless, employer reprisals represent a major concern for wounded workers, so be comfortable to know that a dismantling, salary cut, or change of tasks can all be seen as reprisals.

Knowing your rights as a worker is vital. Do not be scared to disclose your injuries to the right person if you’ve been injured at work.

4. You Are Still Eligible for Benefits Irrespective of Fault

The Florida worker’s comp is a no-fault system. No-fault means that employees who are injured during work are eligible for benefits with limited exceptions. Be aware that the compensation laws in Florida do not need a careless employer to cause your injury.

5. Failing to Report Can Seriously Impact Your Case

Regardless of what, you should always report any work-related injury to your employer. If you have a work-related accident, it is always a good idea to report it.

Some people may not disclose an accident at work because they do not actually think they are wounded. This can be a major mistake because some sorts of injuries are not usually immediately apparent.

6. You Can Get a Second Opinion of Your Injuries

While you must first visit the doctor your employer’s insurance chooses, you can visit another doctor for a second opinion. Ensure you inform your employer and obtain your doctor’s approval before visiting any doctor for extra insight. You may be responsible for paying to see your doctor out of pocket.

In another situation, workers don’t disclose an injury because, at the time of their mishap, they think they weren’t “on the clock.”

This is a better matter for your worker’s comp lawyer since it is not always as straightforward to define what fits under “the scope of employment” as it seems.

7. The Insurance Company Can Underestimate Your Claim

Insurance firms are making money in business. Like any insurer, insurance professionals attempt to pay as little money as possible. They have no interest in compensating you completely for your injuries.

Insurance companies have a strong financial motive to withhold your claim. If it doesn’t work, they usually try to pay the minimum amount as possible. This is why it is crucial to have a skilled Orlando worker’s comp attorney who will help you every step.

8. You Can Still File a Negligence Lawsuit

If you claim Florida worker’s comp, you waive the right to sue your employer for your injuries. But you may still be able to prosecute a negligent third party in civil proceedings.

For example, suppose you have been hurt on building sites by a defective ladder. In that case, you could have a fault claim against the ladder manufacturer in addition to the workers’ compensation claim that you submit against the employer’s workers’ compensation provider.

9. Worker’s Compensation is Different from Healthcare

The worker’s compensation is distinctive and independent from your usual health compensation. Think of this; you can buy into the employer’s health plan of your company so that you can visit your primary doctor for an annual check-up and dental clean-up. On the other hand, workers’ compensation is a sort of insurance that businesses buy to pay employees’ expenses for on-the-job damage and injuries.

The insurance companies provide workers with coverage of things such as prescription medicines, wage substitution, mileage and treatment. Monitoring what work comp-related is and what is not will assist avoid any denial or refund problems.


Get Help Filing Your Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim Today

Not all workers’ compensation claims are the same, and not all benefits have been made equal. If you are injured in the workplace, become acquainted with the Florida compensation program and do not be afraid to contact outside support if you believe anything is not right. In addition, your time away from work may be less stressful since you have all the right resources to help you recover.

After an injury on the job, you may feel that your life is ripped apart. The complementary benefits of employees might help you put your life back together. However, it can be not easy to secure adequate compensation. An expert worker’s comp lawyer can help you achieve the justice you deserve. The Florida workers’ compensation lawyers at Sternberg / Forsythe, PA will help you traverse the intricate barriers of recompense for workers. Schedule your free consultation today by contacting us online or giving us a call at 561-430-2124.

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