There are many benefits of working in a warehouse setting, ranging from the fast-pace to above-average pay.

Just the same, there are some potential downfalls, including the increased risk of a serious workplace accident and injury.

As a warehouse worker, it’s critical to understand the most common causes of accidents. This knowledge can help you prevent trouble in the future.

Your Legal Rights as an Injured Warehouse Worker in Florida

There are three things you can do to protect your legal rights after a warehouse accident:

You have legal rights which include:

Understanding your legal rights will help you make informed decisions immediately following your accident through your recovery and return to the workforce.

What To Do After a Florida Warehouse Accident

The steps you take after a Florida warehouse accident depend largely on the circumstances, such as the extent of your injury and the type of medical care you require.

However, there are five basic steps anyone in this position should take:

1. Assess Your Injuries

Understanding your injuries allows you to do two things:

Do not assume that you have sustained minor injuries that can be treated at home. It is always best to receive professional care.

2. Report the Injury to Your Employer

As a rule of thumb, immediately report the accident to your supervisor, HR department, or company owner.

Doing so reduces the likelihood of your employer claiming that you were not injured at work.

3. Seek Immediate Medical Care

This goes along with step #1 above. Not only does it improve the likelihood of a full recovery, but it helps your cause in regards to receiving workers’ compensation benefits.

4. Talk to Your Medical Team About Next Steps

You need to understand your injuries, treatment options, and long-term prognosis. This helps you determine when or if you can return to your job, which impacts your ability to collect workers’ compensation.

5. File a Workers’ Compensation Claim (if applicable)

If you are unable to immediately return to work, file a workers’ compensation claim.

With an approval letter, you will receive all the information you need to proceed. This includes how much compensation you will receive and when to expect it.

It is not what you want, but a denial letter is possible. This will outline the reason for your denial and the steps you must take to file an appeal.

Does Fault Matter?

Unlike a personal injury lawsuit, fault does not come into play with a workers’ compensation claim.

It does not matter who was at fault — even if you caused the accident — you have legal rights as an employee.

The one potential hang-up is if your employer argues that you were not injured at work. Therefore, it is critical to report the injury as soon as it happens, ideally the same day.


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Contact a Florida Warehouse Accident Attorney

Even if your claim is straightforward, it is best to consult with a Florida warehouse accident attorney. They can answer your questions, file your claim, and best position you for approval.

In the event of a denial, your attorney can walk you through the appeals process.

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